Monday, April 22, 2019

Westlife is back!

I have made a couple of post here about my admiration to the Irish boyband. You see, I've been a die hard Westlife fan since my 1st year in high school and it hasn't gone in me ever since. I was a broke fangirl who makes money from school allowance and couldn't afford to buy a single CD album of Westlife not even cassette tape. When I finally make my own money, I was able bring myself to Shane's first tour to Manila as a solo artist. Westlife broke up before I graduated from college so I had spend my pennies to Shane only. I got to meet the man more than once and attended his concert on VIP seat. I had to missed Shane last year because I just gave birth, my body and money were not ready. Later 2018, Westlife announced their reunion and asian tours. Of course Manila is included and I'm not missing this one. Although I'm not eyeing a seat closer to stage cos I have learned that even sitting in Gen Ad is also lot of fun just like what I had in Backstreet Boys. I had soooo much fun I only took one photo from that night. Unlike the last time Westlife had concert here, I was in 2nd row, now I wouldn't mind sitting from afar just as long as I could see the live. My boys :)

People missed Westlife so much, the ticket went sold out and alot demanded for a 2nd night. So they added a day before the 1st night.. July 29 and 30. Many ticket July30 ticket buyers weren't happy about that though.I'm going to July 30 night. I dont mind whichever comes first As long as I see Westlife.


Monday, March 25, 2019

Hello 2019

I'm making this blog entry beside my son who is now asleep after emptying his bottle of milk. Poor cherub, must be tired from running and climbing wherever he can earlier.

Yep. I'm now a mama of a 1 year old boy. 

Kian's baptism December 30 2018

I also got my licensed as Pru Life UK Financial Consultant. I did it during my pregnancy and I'm on my on way now to my 2nd year this August. I'm sorta full time here as I just left my BPO job last December and this is my sole income for now. I say sorta cos I can't go full time because I couldn't attend trainings all the time, more like a full time mama now to Kian. Whenever I have client meeting, I do travel 3-4 hours from here in Cavite and would spend night or two in our apartment in Pateros before heading home to Kian.
Kian's Mama and Papa's VUL policy. 

Branch Achiever for 2018

Why Pru Life UK though? I have my post here about having a VUL policy from Sun Life. I still have my Sun Life, but I chose to do service with Pru Life UK. Well, I applied for Sun Life as an agent, but then I found out they do have quota. At that time, I wasn't much that willing to spend more time to commit myself to other company because I was starting in Teletech, 2nd company I applied to. The branch that I belong to here in Pru Life UK is easy peasy lol, no quota or required number of sales. Some branches has quota though. I now how 2 VUL policy, the 2nd one is for my son's college fund.

I just left my last BPO company. I was a chat support agent. All was well. The job was too easy for the salary. I was able to finish my downpayment for my house with it. Then one night (night talaga kasi nightshift eh) my TL called me for one on one coaching with our manager. After the session, manager called my to the side and told me that I'm going to transfer to voice. We take calls from the technician to assist them installing TV box. I was like, noooope on the inside. But I just said "Okay." "Do you have any questions." Do I have a choice? "Nothing, boss." No salary increase. Sigh. I never do calls or voice. 3 days after the training was over, I went AWOL. I wasn't meant to. It's against my rules but I had to stay for my Kian. My toddler is super active and my mother who's been taking care of him since I got back from MatLeave, can't keep up with him.

He's still my reason why I can't go back and get another full time job. I can't leave him with my mother, he's super kulit. And I don't want to leave him :(

If we bring him in Pateros, his Papa would need to leave his job cos no one would take care of him. Impossible to get a yaya. Apartment is too small for 2 grown adults. And we need to install air conditioning for him. Well.. we can do that.. We just need to install aircon first then find me a good paying job. All before that, I have to get cleared from my previous company. Okay. Yea. Problem solve.

Well anyway, that's pretty much the latest about me. I hope I can post more often here now from now on. Later!

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Extra Income: Sophie Paris Philippines

Taking this path to my financial freedom, I needed extra income to build my emergency fund. We know how important this one in financial journey. My money in savings bank is as slow as the running turtle while expenses runs like a rabbit. I'm currently building my emergency fund and emergency also happens along the way so it is hard for me to achieve my target amount. That's why I started looking for an extra income. I thought about having a loading station, but the income wouldn't be enough. Direct selling is the easiest option, with small cash out. you can earn by selling while staying at your regular job. I was studying Avon (which is country's #1 direct selling), Natasha, Broadwalk and all the kinds but all are required to submit documents for membership although it's free, then I saw on my way to my work one day: Sophie Paris business center in Guadalupe Makati.

Sophie Paris is a direct selling fashion and MLM company from Indonesia founded by French entrepreneur Mr. Bruno Hasson. Sophie Paris sells French-designed and well-priced bags, wallets, watches, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and garments. Sophie has been around the Philippines since 2002 and has more than 100 business centers throughout the country.

The all time best seller Sophie Magic Pink Cream. Myself and the actress Nadine Luster use this ;)

I registered as member in September 2015, membership isn't free. It cost Php200 with membership from,  and free bag, membership ID,  and a banner. I became active in October because it was the month I had the latest catalog and started telling friends and colleagues that I'm a Sophie Paris seller. To my surprise, I became one of the business center's top sales of the month! I had so many orders, it was like everyday before going to office, I was in business center for picking up my ordered items. the sales staffs there recognized me immediately. They were all very accommodating, by the way. I'm happy that I found Sophie Paris, earning money here is as easy as 123! What I love about being a Sophie Paris member is the generosity. I've received plenty of freebies since my first month. I've got premium bags, watch, wallets, etc. that I got also to sell and earned from it. The whooping 30% discount of every Sophie Paris items is the best and I also receive rebates and bonuses. Clearly, Sophie Paris income helps me to achieve my target amount for my emergency fund and I got also for my fun fund! I am so happy being with Sophie Paris that I dream myself having my own business center someday ;)

One of my sold items from Sophie Paris

Sophie Paris orders!

Currently on sale preloved Sophie Martin bag

Some of the freebies I've received

My Sophie Martin wallet

If you want to become a Sophie Paris member, let me know, just comment below!

Saturday, April 04, 2015


Nakaranas na ba kayo ng ganito:

Friend: Uy, tara Bora tayo.
Me: Wow, Bora pa... di nga ko sumasama sa mga beach kahit sa Batangas.
Friend: May ipon ka naman eh, bawasan mo lang ng konti.


Friend: Uy, regalo mo sa inaanak mo,huh.
Me: Oo naman, basta pupunta ako.
Friend: Cash mo nalang, P1000 minimum ha para makabawi ako sa gastos sa party. Hehe.
Me: Wow.
Friend: Sige na, may ipon ka naman saka 5 years na utang mo sa inaanak mo.

Although I knew she jokingly said about sa "makabawi sa ginastos sa party" but heck, joke is always been half joke, half meant. Halos replayan ko sya ng "Wow. Di ako nagiipon para mag Bora dahil wala yan sa priorities ko at lalong di ako nagiipon para sa anak mo, bakit hindi ikaw ang gumawa nyan. Magipon ka para sa future ng anak mo hindi yung magiipon ka lang para ipang-party sa anak mo." But I didn't, malamang hindi magiging maganda outcome pag sinabi ko yun. I heard nagkanda utang-utang pa sya para lang mafulfill nya yung bet nyang party celebration para sa anak nya. Nawalan na tuloy ako ng gana umattend sa party na yun. Ipaabot ko na lang sa friend ko yung ibibigay ko.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Demi Lovato!!!

I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed when I saw a post from Manila Concert Scene Facebook page. Demi Lovato is coming back for a concert on 30th April!!! I'm so thrilled! I'm a fan of Demi's music!! I was so gutted when I missed her concert here last time cos I wasn't making money during those time and I'm done with college so no school allowance either. Now I am able to see her now!! I'll be fine with Gen Admission ticket as long as I enjoy her music live! :) I'm planning to spend my shift allowance which one of company's benefits to buy my ticket. Ahh, excited! 


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