Wednesday, February 22, 2012


February is supposed to be eventful. Rey's birthday, anniversary but since I'm doing thesis now, it's been quite helluva month! And now the March is about to start meaning brain draining month for students, I dunno what's worse waiting for me in the following weeks!

Westlife's Farewell Tour officially start today and they're in fxcking China now. They'll be doing 10 or 15 shows there and it's fxcking frustrating cos whoever made that effing idea to give all their tour time in yin yang land only is a scumbag! They could've just give out other dates to other Asian countries. It sucks to be left out, worse, it fxcking FAREWELL! >__<

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

One Direction

Yes, you've read it right: My title for this post is the UK boyband called One Direction. I'm a real die hard fan of Westlife. I think I've gone to the point where me being matured as a fangirl where I don't waste any time arguing to other celebrity fans or fighting with haters over Westlife. You hate Westlife? Fine. It won't make any differ, I'd still fancy 'em no matter what you do.
One Direction is a new boyband, product of a talent search in UK. Apparently, this pop band is getting massive when it comes to popularity that even american fans dying to see them in the US. Well, I kinda envy this part because Westlife has failed many times and given up cracking American charts. I guess the young generation of today is very fan of Justin Bieber alike. Pardon me, it's just me seeing One Direction as five Biebers. Well if you ask me, I'm not a hater of 1D, neither a fan. They're just okay to me. I don't think they're shits. I think they're just really okay like what the way I see Justin Bieber, like I can watch a chart music show with their hits without saying "how can that shit be number 1 isnt even a good song!" We all have different taste in clothes, music all stuffs and I respect what other's like. I've come to realized that trash talking to other celebrities won't change their fan's mind or other people's mind. Miley Cyrus is a slut. I used to say that on my online blogs and I actually wanted to suck it to all people's mind who likes Miley and stop admiring her. I wanted to say all bad things I see on their idol for them to realize that she's not good as what they see. Then one day, I started appreciate things around me. I watched The Last Song and thought, Miley isnt that bad at all except her acting, terrible but she's pretty, too. She's not a agood singer but she can sing and play guitar and piano. One Direction members are cute. I can't say gorgeous, just cute.

I'd rather watch these young fellas that Super Junior tho.


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