Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Never meant for me

"Child, it is not for you."

"But, God, how many times should I take these failures?"

"Let play a game, my child. Let's put it this way: just think of the chances you take are white eggs. Your aim is to find the golden one. While you haven't found the golden egg, take those white eggs. Those white eggs are the experiences and lessons, the more you get eggs, the more experiences and lessons learned. You can do anything with those found white eggs. You can either cook those or sell those. Don't give up until you found the golden egg, I say to you, you'll surely find it."

I was on a bus, riding home, rejected from applying call center job in Ortigas. While crossing the main roads, raced with some jeeps and buses, with all billboards we passed... God and I had a conversation.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Piercing and Tattoo

02. Talk about your piercing or tattoo, if you have any.

I got my ears pierced during my er... 2nd grade or 3rd. I remember, my one pierced got infected when I was in 3rd grade but nothing serious. It was just kinda hard for me to take off shirts that time because it would touch my infected earlobe and it hurt. I never got anymore piercing since then till I reached (oh here we go remembering what-age-I-got-that-I-got-this again... aahh.. when was it??) my teen years. I asked a friend to do me another ear piercing, also in the left earlobe. For the first time in my life, I felt my ears were over accessorized. Not long, the hole gone. It was more like a wound throughout the time I had it so I decided to let it heal by not putting anything on it except disinfectant alcohol. It's not surprising, my friend who did it was a genius, she didn't do anything or used anything to make the piercing safe and clean. Well myself is a genius, too as I let her do it to me. And I wasn't contented, cos I asked her again to do me another piercing, this time on the upper part of my right ear called the helix or rim. This was real hurt as it is the hardest part of  our ear. Same thing happened to my third lobe pierced, got slightly infected, as though it's getting worsen whenever I place an earring in it. It became swollen and darken, my boo told me to quit puncturing earring any part  of my ears except the common earlobe pierced. So that was the end of it, but I could still feel the scar inside the skin.

Tattoo! No, I don't have any. I'm not sure if I'm going to have cos first: Rey, my boo, doesn't want me to.  He doesn't have any tattoo. Second: I dunno if 50 years from now, it would still look good on me. Tattoos are becoming greenish as you get old, aren't  they? I'm not sure If I would like myself to get permanently inked. But I do tattoo myself, using my gel pen during school time. I draw small heart on my right middle finger, on the side, in the end close to my palm. I always think it's nice and cute. I sometimes fancy wrist tattoos like these: 

These are cute. I would like to have wrist tattoo. Not permanently though.


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