Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Never meant for me

"Child, it is not for you."

"But, God, how many times should I take these failures?"

"Let play a game, my child. Let's put it this way: just think of the chances you take are white eggs. Your aim is to find the golden one. While you haven't found the golden egg, take those white eggs. Those white eggs are the experiences and lessons, the more you get eggs, the more experiences and lessons learned. You can do anything with those found white eggs. You can either cook those or sell those. Don't give up until you found the golden egg, I say to you, you'll surely find it."

I was on a bus, riding home, rejected from applying call center job in Ortigas. While crossing the main roads, raced with some jeeps and buses, with all billboards we passed... God and I had a conversation.

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