Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fangirl dilemma: Shane Filan's Autobiography Book


I was excited when I found out that Shane's going to release his life story in a book and I thought I can buy a copy this time since I missed Westlife's autobiography book last time, though I have read it on ebook.
I checked on , My Side of Life costs around £9 (Php conversion Php645). Wow, this is affordable than the ones Shane made with the band. And then I went estatic when National Bookstore announced that the book will be available in stores this month.
And this greeted me this morning while I was having my breakfast:
Come on, why this have to be so pricey here in the Philippines. Don't you know we're humans, too? Why you gotta be so rude.  Kidding aside, I can't afford this one. I have another option though and it's cheaper, I can pre order from a fan but I'm still thinking about it now that a money problem paid a visit last nightand it's more important than this... and I think it will stay until the 15th..

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shane Filan Manila 2014

So last year I had a dream came to life. I just met my long time celebrity crush, Shane Filan, nbd. I got to touch and shook his precious hand, yeah lame.
Sept 2013 at The Podium for his promo album tour.
Haha! Well, I had another chance to meet him again when he visit Manila for he 2nd time as solo artist last June 2014 to promote his solo concert on October 1 at the World Trade Center Manila. I went to his mall tour at the SM Megamall and had my copy of his album signed by him. It was just like last year, he signed the album cover, hand shake and I went off. Disappointed. I was actually expecting more than before since the Hongkong fans, Shane last stop before he arrived in Manila, had some few minutes with him. At least a minute. They had a moment of exchanging some words, they even got a chance to have a selfie with him! So i thought wow maybe they will let us give chance to spend at least more than a minute with Shane during the autograph session. Sadly, a brief of shaking hands we're given due to number of fans waiting in queue. Same, same last year. Event staffs can be such a killer joy.

My concert ticket ^__^
Fast forward, I went to Shane's first ever solo concert at the World Trade Center in Pasay. It was raining haaaard while I'm on my way! I spent 250php for the taxi due to traffic. I thought I would never make it cos I was late. I arrived at the venue around 8:45 when the scheduled concert should start at 8:00pm. They probably saw almost half of the VIP seats we're unoccupied, they thought fans are late due to heavy rain so they moved the showtime to 9:00pm. I think another reason is the concert is aint sold out. Lack of promotion, I guess. But I knew it because I have been seeing the availability of seats before the concert in SM ticketnet and it was selling so slow. So when I arrived at the WTC, I was shaking due to cold. Darn I forgot to bring jacket. Then I saw two people selling Shane Filan tshirt outside and theyre from AddicTeev. I've been eyeing on their Shane Filan tshirt products cos of their unique style of printing, thankfully they went to sell and I bought one shirt at discounted price :) It was their last piece though and it's large but I wore it anyway. I like it. So I was wearing the shirt throughout the show.

My favorite shirt :)
Klarisse De Guzman of The Voice Philippines is Shane's opening act. She was Shane's bet during the The Voice Philippines when he was a guest at the final show last year. Later, they duet for Flying Without Wings and got kiss from Shane more than twice. Lucky lady. Another one lucky for that night is Rosel, a friend from fan club, when she got called by Shane on stage and sang Mandy for her. And got a selfie session! I was happy for her and jealous at the same time. haha! Why cant I just be as lucky as her? lol
It was a great night. Shane is a total performer, he  kept his connection with the fans throughout the show. His band are great, as well. Fans went nostalgic when he preformed hits from his former band, Westlife. My personal favorite is when he sang Let It Be from The Beatles. He also did Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines, imagine how the crowd went crazy when he shouts, "Do you wanna hug me?" Of course he performed his own hits like Everything To Me, Knee Deep in My Heart and About You. The last one is very good catchy song, I always love singing it out loud. He is such a good singer, I truly admire his angelic voice and he is such an underrated singer. Shane will be forever my favorite celebrity. I don't think anyone or anything will stop me from admiring him.


June 2014 at SM Megamall Atrium

Klarisse and Shane singng Flying Without Wings

Acoustic session. Here singing "Once".

His awesome band.

This is the best my phone camera can do :/

He kept his interaction with the audience.

Shane and his band at the end of the show

Saturday, October 25, 2014

FILED Scribble Planner 2015

Ber months! Yay! Well yeah I know it started last month and since then I already felt the Christmas season in town. You know, season where malls are jampacked, sales everywhere, Divisoria season, time to display those decors again, Christmas songs playing even in the bus. Of course Christmas is more than that. I love Christmas. It's all about giving. People are also excited because it is 13th month and Christmas bonus season especially in the compnay I am working at, ber months also means raining bonuses (and the saying of 'merry christmas BIR', too.) Although there is still Halloween and All Soul's day to look forward to, no doubt Chrismas is the most exciting time of the year.
Ber months is also means another year is about to end and another one to start. New plans, new hopes, new goals to look forward to. Planner helps us to organize things we need to do and we want to do. Personally, I own one from WittyWillSaveTheWorld planner. It's really cute and witty planner and really helpful. It also helped me to achieve my goals in 2014. I'm glad that I started something that will benefit my future and my current planner helps me to plan it all. Although I'm happy with Witty Will Save The World planner and I'm still looking forward to their 2015 version, I think I've found my new one:



Scribble! I saw this while browsing through Facebook newsfeed and I follow their Facebook page right away. Checking their photos of their products, the Scribble got my attention. Although I like Doodle for its black and white cover, Scribble reminds me of my scapbook I own since highschool. The brown cover and ribbon bound the same I did to my scapbook before, though I have stop scapbooking, I still keep it. And this planner comes with a free Stylomark! and this is what excites me more: They also give the option to have your name scibbled by a typogrpaphy artist! Ha. My name Lala will be look so perfect on that planner. So I did what I had to do:
I made my order

If you find this planner really attractive (because it is), check more of their products on FILED! website, you can place your oder there, too. The free Stylomark is only available when you pre-order until October 27 so you better hurry, freebies are always great, you can't miss that one.


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