Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's been a while, let me have this random posts

I'm taking overload units this semester including thesis (goodluck to me!). So, the following months will be the busiest time of my life.

There be going an album launch of Westlife's last album Greatest Hits 2 this coming 2 Saturdays in Megamall. I'd really love to come, but I still don't have money to buy the album :( but a friend is offering to lend me money... still talking thinking about it.

My family is now officially residents of Cavite. I am now staying here in my Uncle's place here in QC to finish my study. I still have a year till I get my college diploma.

David Beckham is coming in the Philippines. Superstar!

KC-Piolo break up: I believe Piolo has sexuality issues.

I miss my boyfriend big time.


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