Monday, October 29, 2012

"Covero Tubero!"

Okay. Let's do this blog challenge that I took and posted months ago:

01. Your middle name and how you feel about it:

Hmm.. middle name is the maiden name of your mother, right? Well, Filipinos refers the middle name as the abbreviated name between the given first name and last name or surname like my mine, Lara Melissa C. EraƱa, letter C is abbreviated for Covero, my mother's maiden lastname. I heard some countries they refer middle name as the second or the third name on the given first name like Shane Steven Filan, Steven is the referred middle name. Shane Steven Filan by the way is the most beautiful man in the world.

So to my middle name... well how do I feel about it? there's nothing actually. I've never felt insecure about my name, well aside it's too girl for me but I don't see any name that I would want to change to. The only time that I felt ashamed about having it is when I was in 2nd grade. My classmate asked what my letter C stands for and I answered "Covero" then he burst  out laughing, saying "Aah.. Tubero! Tubero pala nanay mo eh!" Translation: he called my mother a plumber, as my middle name and the Tagalog word for plumber are sound alike. Could you just imagine that? I'm already bullied because of me being an ugly duckling let alone having funny sound attached on my name. I was scared. I don't wanna be a laughing subject anymore. Thank God he got over it moments later and didn't tell a co-bully about it. Maybe because it's forgettable, they don't always see  the name as I always put the first initial of it like we does, unless it's required.

Well my middle name completes the person that I am. It's my grandfather's name that my mother took and used until she married my father. Now, I both used those last names. It doesn't matter how funny they sound,  but it's my parents names. 'Nuff said.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kindle Problem

It's been nearly two months since my ate gave me this Kindle Keyboard 3g and I fell inlove with it. Well you can actually see it on my previous post. I have finished reading some books there and I was nearly half way through The Time Traveller's Wife then one day, it got stuck on its screen saver which is Amazon advertisement. I held the OK button which is supposed to do and nothing happened. I assumed it's battery low so I charged it and left for hours but no development. Then I searched on the internet regarding the problem and it seems like I'm not the only one having this dilemma. Lately, I can now explore through my book on Kindle, can read few pages but minutes, or seconds later.. it stuck again. You know you lose your interest reading cos you can't flip another page all of a sudden then it reboots itself and sometimes you lose your bookmarks. This is really frustrating for me. I still have so many books to read there and to download and I'm excited to finish those. My ate says it's brand new, her boyfriend actually bought it this year and definitely still covered by the warranty.

I really love my Kindle. Please come back to normal :(

This happens every 2 minutes. It reboot itself.


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