Monday, September 29, 2014

Money Management

I have read alot of financial books and blogs in the past few months. In the effect, I bought myself a VUL, learned to track my everyday expenses (although I am not that consistent doing it, but it helps me) and it made me more kuripot or penny pincher. I have learn to manage my money whenever it hits my payroll account, every peso has put into budget. Although sometimes, as I am a minimum wager, I do have some shortage. Like right now, I feel so vulnerable cos my savings is about an inch away from the minimum balance and I haven't deposit since May cos I prioritize my VUL. These past months, I had some money issues, I can't even save a hundred. I even borrowed money from my boyfriend by passing my shares to him for our utility expenses for two months. I needed some new clothes but I couldn't buy even in Tiangge cos my family needed my money more than I need it. I feel so unsecured. I haven't save money for long. My investment is one thing. I can't withdraw from it whenever I needed money. I felt broke. I had to break my Pi-Nik bank. Pik-Nik can I turned into a coinbank only saving 10 peso coins and new 20-peso bills. I planned to make the can full and deposit to my account but since I needed to survive, I had to use one of my remaining powers.

Many of my Pik-Nik empty cans are still in used. Like this one.
I managed to save Php2,700. I'm not sure for how long cos I don't remember when did I start, I think I did this for almost 3 months. Not bad, yeah? I added the saved money to my daily expenses. Thanks to this blog: Minimum Wager Journey, I copied her budget method. Kind of, and so far it works for me. I summed up all my work allowance from daily transpo to food. List down my bills, set aside money for tithes and contribution for my family. I only bring money enough for my food and transpo allowance. I don't even have emergency money. I started this since first day of September and still doing it. Slowly, I feel on my way back on track. Although I have to sacrifice some things like the cravings for fast food and sweets, but it's better to be safe. 

I also thankful with this book, that I have been eyeing to buy for weeks and finally was able to buy it when I got my holiday pay.
This is actually a 2-in-1 book. The other one is "I Wish They Taught Money In High School So I can Start my Business Right Away."

At first I thought, this book is kinda pricey, Php500 for this? Not even a hardbound. Well it should be worth every peso because it has been in the best selling books list for months. And I was right. This book made me realize, I wasn't losing my track after all. I was actually doing the right thing. Before, I follow Income - Savings = Expenses but Ms. Clarissa says, Income - Investment = Expenses is better, which I actually follow lately. She even says, we should invest our savings too but I am not going to do that. I still want to have money on my bank account. I have to have an emergency fund/ This book is actually good, I am not going to review it for you cos I'm not good at that but this book teaches us to manage money like how they promised on the cover. Things that we wish we had learn from high school so we may not have these money problems.

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