Sunday, December 02, 2012


My school years is done. I am now processing my application for graduation for next year and releasing TOR from the 2 STI schools I enrolled is the main reason why things way hard for me. I am now here in Cavite and going back and forth to Manila is ain't easy. As of now, I have to go back in Manila by next week  then will be going back to Rosario then head back again to Manila. I'm not going to do all that in one day though. I think I got it by 2-3 days. I hope.

While I wait my name to be included to the official list of candidates for graduation, I have been reading books. Yes, I am seeking job via online. As long as my graduation isn't final yet, I can't move on to job haunting.

There's No Place Like Here /(A Place Called Here) by Cecelia Ahern
I'm loving her books! Cecelia Ahern's books are as magical as her novels.

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and Where Rainbows End/ Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern
I like stories with time traveling elements.
Where Rainbows End got me glued and finished it just by 2days!

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
My current read. A friend lent me this one.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
I'm going to find out why this one is an "American literature masterpiece"
That's all for now. I am planning to buy all Cecelia Ahern books :) 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Never meant for me

"Child, it is not for you."

"But, God, how many times should I take these failures?"

"Let play a game, my child. Let's put it this way: just think of the chances you take are white eggs. Your aim is to find the golden one. While you haven't found the golden egg, take those white eggs. Those white eggs are the experiences and lessons, the more you get eggs, the more experiences and lessons learned. You can do anything with those found white eggs. You can either cook those or sell those. Don't give up until you found the golden egg, I say to you, you'll surely find it."

I was on a bus, riding home, rejected from applying call center job in Ortigas. While crossing the main roads, raced with some jeeps and buses, with all billboards we passed... God and I had a conversation.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Piercing and Tattoo

02. Talk about your piercing or tattoo, if you have any.

I got my ears pierced during my er... 2nd grade or 3rd. I remember, my one pierced got infected when I was in 3rd grade but nothing serious. It was just kinda hard for me to take off shirts that time because it would touch my infected earlobe and it hurt. I never got anymore piercing since then till I reached (oh here we go remembering what-age-I-got-that-I-got-this again... aahh.. when was it??) my teen years. I asked a friend to do me another ear piercing, also in the left earlobe. For the first time in my life, I felt my ears were over accessorized. Not long, the hole gone. It was more like a wound throughout the time I had it so I decided to let it heal by not putting anything on it except disinfectant alcohol. It's not surprising, my friend who did it was a genius, she didn't do anything or used anything to make the piercing safe and clean. Well myself is a genius, too as I let her do it to me. And I wasn't contented, cos I asked her again to do me another piercing, this time on the upper part of my right ear called the helix or rim. This was real hurt as it is the hardest part of  our ear. Same thing happened to my third lobe pierced, got slightly infected, as though it's getting worsen whenever I place an earring in it. It became swollen and darken, my boo told me to quit puncturing earring any part  of my ears except the common earlobe pierced. So that was the end of it, but I could still feel the scar inside the skin.

Tattoo! No, I don't have any. I'm not sure if I'm going to have cos first: Rey, my boo, doesn't want me to.  He doesn't have any tattoo. Second: I dunno if 50 years from now, it would still look good on me. Tattoos are becoming greenish as you get old, aren't  they? I'm not sure If I would like myself to get permanently inked. But I do tattoo myself, using my gel pen during school time. I draw small heart on my right middle finger, on the side, in the end close to my palm. I always think it's nice and cute. I sometimes fancy wrist tattoos like these: 

These are cute. I would like to have wrist tattoo. Not permanently though.

Monday, October 29, 2012

"Covero Tubero!"

Okay. Let's do this blog challenge that I took and posted months ago:

01. Your middle name and how you feel about it:

Hmm.. middle name is the maiden name of your mother, right? Well, Filipinos refers the middle name as the abbreviated name between the given first name and last name or surname like my mine, Lara Melissa C. EraƱa, letter C is abbreviated for Covero, my mother's maiden lastname. I heard some countries they refer middle name as the second or the third name on the given first name like Shane Steven Filan, Steven is the referred middle name. Shane Steven Filan by the way is the most beautiful man in the world.

So to my middle name... well how do I feel about it? there's nothing actually. I've never felt insecure about my name, well aside it's too girl for me but I don't see any name that I would want to change to. The only time that I felt ashamed about having it is when I was in 2nd grade. My classmate asked what my letter C stands for and I answered "Covero" then he burst  out laughing, saying "Aah.. Tubero! Tubero pala nanay mo eh!" Translation: he called my mother a plumber, as my middle name and the Tagalog word for plumber are sound alike. Could you just imagine that? I'm already bullied because of me being an ugly duckling let alone having funny sound attached on my name. I was scared. I don't wanna be a laughing subject anymore. Thank God he got over it moments later and didn't tell a co-bully about it. Maybe because it's forgettable, they don't always see  the name as I always put the first initial of it like we does, unless it's required.

Well my middle name completes the person that I am. It's my grandfather's name that my mother took and used until she married my father. Now, I both used those last names. It doesn't matter how funny they sound,  but it's my parents names. 'Nuff said.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kindle Problem

It's been nearly two months since my ate gave me this Kindle Keyboard 3g and I fell inlove with it. Well you can actually see it on my previous post. I have finished reading some books there and I was nearly half way through The Time Traveller's Wife then one day, it got stuck on its screen saver which is Amazon advertisement. I held the OK button which is supposed to do and nothing happened. I assumed it's battery low so I charged it and left for hours but no development. Then I searched on the internet regarding the problem and it seems like I'm not the only one having this dilemma. Lately, I can now explore through my book on Kindle, can read few pages but minutes, or seconds later.. it stuck again. You know you lose your interest reading cos you can't flip another page all of a sudden then it reboots itself and sometimes you lose your bookmarks. This is really frustrating for me. I still have so many books to read there and to download and I'm excited to finish those. My ate says it's brand new, her boyfriend actually bought it this year and definitely still covered by the warranty.

I really love my Kindle. Please come back to normal :(

This happens every 2 minutes. It reboot itself.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's been a year

Woah. It feels like just yesterday when I went to Smart Araneta Coliseum to see my ever beloved Westlife in concert. I remember I was nervous minutes before the show started. Seeing the coliseum getting packed of people from the general admission section down to the ground. The stage with closed curtain, any minute now, Westlife will be behind that huge cloth. I'll be seeing Shane. Surely, it was a night to remember.

Up to this minute, I still dunno why I wasn't in the fangirl mode that time. I scream whenever I see them on tv but I too starstruck I guess... seeing them in flesh. Upclose. That's something else.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Seriously... I'm kidding by Ellen Degeneres

It's fun to read.  It's full of life advice and hilarious jokes. I'm not done reading this though but its highly recommended. Okay, I'm out of words... not in the mood for blogging now.

Sorry for a lame post but I assure you this book is not lame to read. I promise. I have been reading this and I get chuckle every now and then. Ellen is really a cool person.

And sorry for stealing this photo. I just googled this, I don't have the book to take a photo cos I'm just reading it from my Kindle.

Ciao for now :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Amazon Kindle

My sister just got back from her cruise ship job last month. Yeah... happy. She got me some shirts, perfumes and Swatch watch that I asked her prior to her arrival schedule. And an Amazon Kindle D00901. I never asked for this one but she told me that this was given to her by a 'friend' and she thought giving me this thing to me cos she doesnt read and she knew I have started buying and reading second hand book novels two years ago.

Cool stuff. I always thought book is always better than electronic version ones, that's my one of my philosophies before when I was reading Westlife ebook, I was reading it straight from my laptop.  It's one of the reason why I have 2.5 eyeglasses grade now. I thought e-book could destroy your eyesight. Well, it's still is... depends on the kind of device where you're reading ebook straight from. 

This one changed my perception though because honestly, I didn't know there is such thing as an ebook reader device. Of course. Electronic book. People have invented things that would make everything instant. Why this one never crossed my mind? Yes, I know ebook, all I know about it is you can read it from your pc or laptop and from your mobile phone or pc tablet. I didn't know e-book reader device.

One of things I like about this Kindle is the built-in WiFi. It connects me to the internet wherever there is a wifi connection. This one surprises me because even though the wifi connection is password protected, my browser still get to load internet. It's like it bypasses all the wireless internet connection's password. Sweet. 4gb memory, I could put thousands of books in my library. I could also store and play music from this device while reading books. Okay, with this unique screen that makes the content really look like a book because this isn't with a backlit lcd that would make your eyesight worsen, huge favor to me. This isn't like a computer screen just like what you think when you first see this tablet device. Drawback: I couldn't read this one in the dark.

Right now, I'm busy downloading ebooks. And oh, I always need this site to convert my downloaded .epub files to .mobi. At first, I had a hard time figuring out what's best fit to this reading device cos psd files is no good. 

Argh, where to find free Cecelia Ahern e-book?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Current dilemma

  • I'm currently in hiatus from school and OJT here in our home sweet home after a tragic monsoon soaked all my clothes, some important papers and probably lost my ring gave by Rey.
  • I am now homeless in Quezon City. I dunno whether to rent bedspace or to suffer everyday to travel from Cavite to QC back and forth. 
  • My laptop LCD is broken. I have pending project need to be finish by September. I guess it won't be fix till my sister comes home.
  • I am not going to watch Bourne Legacy in cinema anytime soon. I have lotsa things to be prioritize in terms of money.

Friday, August 03, 2012

This is my LookBook pose -- or not.

Nah, I don't own a Lookbook account cos I'm not fashioniztah, well, you could see on the photo.

I don't remember the last time I posed for photo like this.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Twilight Couple cheating scandal: From Breaking Dawn to Breaking Up

So this is the most talked about issue in Hollywood now: Robert Pattinson and his cheating girlfriend Kirsten Stewart with the Snowhite movie director.

Seeing the paparazzi photos here that had broke twihard fans' hearts all over the world, something is strange.

If you are fooling around, and a f*cking famous celebrity, would you like to be caught when you know lotsa camera follows you whenever you're out? Then making out inside a non-tinted window car?

I know K-Stew is up to something. Some says "it's self sabotage" but whatever it is... Robert Pattinson and other people involved in this issue are the ones humiliated and hurt.

Now this is the most thing to look forward on the release date of the Twilight final installment.

Friday, July 27, 2012

These are some of my average photoshop works

Westlife Shirt Designs

Shane Filan wallpaper

Birthday artwork for my friend

Banner request for a friend. Printed on tarp.

Birthday artwork for Mark

For Nicky

and for Shane :)


Dreamy Effects


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cecelia Ahern brought me to my dream country, Ireland!

Luckily, I found a preloved Cecelia Ahern book entitled The Gift in Booksale at SM Centerpoint last Sunday.
I got this for only 75php. Sweet, indeed.

I've known this Irish author of P.S. I Love You before as she's happened to be connected to Westlife. Related rather. She's the sister of Westlife's Nicky Byrne's wife named Georgina Ahern. I wasn't aware how great author she was, all I know is a book of her has adapted to a Hollywood movie.

I love how Cecelia takes me to the set of the story. Reading the novel describing the beauty of Ireland is like a free plane ride to the Irish country. I was reading a book one night at bed then I felt strange the next day. I feel as though I have been to another world, that I dreamed of being in another place that is related much to Westlife. Though the book never mentioned anything Westlife, but as far as Dublin and Ireland is concerned, you're talking about Westlife, baby. That's why I have finished the book in 4 days (my shortest so far, couldn't have more time for book as OJT and school works eats me)

The Gift has a lot of twists. I love it. Totally. I now adore Cecelia Ahern. I must start hunting her books-- the cheap ones. Hehe... kid, kid..

Nicky and his twins, Rocco and Jay as special mentions

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Go have your rest now, Manong Dolphy :')

The 6 year-old me was crying to my mother to have a notebook with my fave actor on the cover. I was preparing for my 1st grade in school. Celebrities on the cover of the writing notebook was popular that time, young celebs like the peeps from German Moreno's That's Entertainment, that's why I had Billy Joe Crawford notebooks with his silly haircut and colored 90's outfit. I was disappointed.

I wanted Dolphy notebooks.

Though I heard laughs from the adults, "They don't put celebrities as old as dolphy on the notebook, hun!"

I still cried. Dolphy is my favorite.


Thank you for the laughs and for your greatness, Manong Dolphy. 

There'll be no greater joy than to be with our God. 

Go and make laughs with angels now. 

Yes, I'd still want a Dolphy cover notebook.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lala's Westlife Journey ;)

"So what's your westlife story?"

If you're a friend of mine, or a co-member of an existing Westlife fan club Philippines on a social network, or a chatmate in a forum for asian fans... you have probably heard how this Irish boyband Westlife captured my heart and started my journey along with millions girls worldwide.

But if you haven't, so here it goes: Let's start on the year 1999, where Philippine radio played Swear It Again more than 10 times a day. Where the "It Girls" in school gets kilig or drool over a photo on a post card or on a songhits of 5 foreign dudes that consists of 3 blondes and 2 brunnetes. Even some boys are playing the song with guitars. The time where you could literally hear the song everywhere because even the girl next to you on the store you're buying ghost fighter playing cards is singing the goddam song. Never got my interest though, I don't think I ever thought of looking at the faces of that getting popular band during those times.

"I'll never gonna say goodbye
Cos I'll never wanna see you cry
I swear to you my love would remain..."

I asked my ate, older sister, who was a Backstreet Boys fan that time, how Westlife looked like. I thought they were looking like a rock band cos they seemed to be the band I stumbled upon scanning tv channels. I asked if there's any of the member has a long hair, ala Guns N Roses, she answered yes, there's one...but it wasn't that long, she was referring to turned out to be that the band I thought Westlife was actually The Hansons.

Finished grade school, I entered high school and I still watch those afternoon anime cartoons. One day, a guy friend of mine told me out of nowhere that Shane of Westlife is dead.

(the following conversation has spoken in Tagalog language just to make me look sosyal or a socialite, I translated it to english language)

"Shane of Westlife, the lead singer."
"Who's Westlife?
"The band who sang Swear It Again and My Love."
"Dead already??"
"Unfortunately, yes, the lead singer. They were filming Angel's Wings music video when suddenly Shane collapsed..."
"Do you have a picture of them there? I wanna see who was it."
"None, you should go watch them on MTV. They're awesome."

Ridiculous story but this is exactly what my friend told me: Westlife were filming their next music video called Angel's Wings, there's this scene where the lads are walking just like a scene in My Love MV, when suddenly a guy named Shane collapsed, looked dead and bandmate named Nicky tried to recover him by pumping the chest. Kian called the ambulance then blah blah... absurdity, I don't wanna recall that whoever-made-up-must-be-crazy-shit story anymore.

Out of curiosity, I watched Vid-OK channel to know who's Westlife member untimely passed away. Then I saw the My Love MV which was currently in number 1 position on the chart. The video was the studio version one (where they were making fun while recording and shnicky was dancing? too cute!) Then my Ate pointed the Shane guy, who is sadly, "dead" that time.

"What a good looking guy. He looked like an ANGEL. Too bad he's dead."

I felt the same admiration I had when I first saw Britney Spears on her Sometimes video, still vivid, I told myself, She's the most prettiest girl I've ever seen in my whole life,(I think I had my girl crush on her) and similar to Shane the moment I properly laid my eyes on him and appreciate the faces of each of the band member, most handsome guy I've ever seen.

Then another video has come out, I Lay My Love On You, apparently Shane is dead was a plain rumor. There was indeed a "Shane is dead" rumor circulated around. Shane had a horse back riding minor accident before, he hurt his knee but obviously he didn't die. Angel's Wings was supposed to be the next to My Love single but due to fans' demand, What Makes A Man was it. Until this very minute, I have no idea how my friend got that silly story. I'm thankful though, it was the way where I started this fun journey. I started buying songhits that features them. I save 10pesos everyday from my allowance to buy posters and paste on my wall. Our room was covered of variety pictures of the pop stars cos I also had other boybands posters and one Britney spears. Purchased their albums, vcds, dvds and all. I gave away my playing cards collection and I replaced with Westlife pictures, articles cut out from magazine and newspapers, created scrap book, etc. All of a sudden, I matured a bit in terms of my likes and hobbies.

My fingers has learned  to automatically push the button channel for MTV and Vid-Ok whenever I hold tv's remote control. I followed the music mainstream. I found Net25's play, an interactive music show that has gone me to the next level of fangirling over Westlife. I started joining clans, texting all day (Mind you, there was no unlimited promo back then and economic/auto loads! Imagine how much we spend for cellphone load that time) but I never attend EB'so or meet ups... then I became a bonafire member of the official fan club. I got to chat, mingled with other Westlife fans personally. I was in awe and I was very young back then, I even lost my way to QCMMC where the gathering held. I saw the different kinds of people but has common denominator *west *coughs* life*. There was a teacher who travelled from Cavite, a girl same age as mine I guess, travelled from- get this, Bicol. A granny carrying a huge bag that contains her collection of Westlife stuffs, really surprised me with that one cos I thought she was just accompanying a girl, probably her apo or grandchild but actually, the girl is the one who accompanying her lola to attend the gathering! Also, Westlife was the reason why I taught  myself to use the internet. I remember the first time I opened their official site, an mp3 voice file played on the background, voice of westlife introducing themselves. I was fascinated, thought it was live. Those were the days when their official site was fun to browse, it has flash media and everything.

Brian McFadden left the band. I didn't worry about Westlife though when the news came out. There was the possibility of the end for the band cos Brian might be a big lost for them ,though it never cross mind. Then they had their 6th album, Rat Pack inspired album. Myx, the revamp Vid-OK, premiered Westlife new music, made it to the top 10 and fans same did to Smile video. Both videos filmed in Las Vegas with their 50's looks, good looking version of Rat Pack. And that was the period of time that I lie low from being a die hard fan of Westlife. I was disappointed, they've been doing revival ever since and now an album full of remakes? I didn't bother to have a copy of it. I stopped following Westlife for awhile.

My interest switched to wrestling, addicted, joined a clan, made new friends, went to a wrestling house show but my admiration to Westlife has never forgotten. February 2006, my first time to be in the Big Dome, and first time to watch a huge foreign event show. WWE Raw tour. I saw people that I thought was larger than life. It was an experience. Later that year, I saw a TV advert for Westlife Face To Face tour. Shocked. Gutted. My parents are impossible to give me another shot as the WWE tour ticket was a bit pricey and made a promise that it would be the last time that I would ask money for my guilty pleasure. I panicked. I cried. Where on earth am I going to get money to go and watch the concert! I tried to join Myx promo to win a ticket and a Face To Face CD. I flood them with my entries which was so wrong thing to do. I swear to God, everytime our landline phone rings, I'm dying to wish that it was from Myx and would say I won the effing contest. The Sept 4 came. Not a soul called me on the phone. I cried same time the night sky poured rain. I was crying like a little girl in the bathroom, I didn't want anyone to know that I'm crying over Westlife. I've been dreaming to meet them for years, It's my 2nd thing to do on my bucket list and the chance has come and I let it slip away.That was really f*cking hurt.

 Maybe if I didn't watch the wrestling show, my parents would give me a ticket and Sept29 would be my 2nd time in a Westlife concert. Maybe if  I continued following Westlife, I would have prepared for it so 'Face to Face' album won't be a reminder of my despair. Maybe if I supported Westlife all the effing way, I wasn't crying that night. Despite of everything, there were no regrets. I know time would come for me. I just know it.

How I got into Facebook? Westlife. There was a link on of their fanpage and I followed it. I never knew facebook, the hell I know facebook, I was busy enjoying the "coolness" of friendster. I signed up and subscribed to Westlife fan page without any knowledge about the new social network . So Westlife's fanpage is the first ever I 'like' or 'become a fan' of on Facebook. Eventually, everybody went over to facebook. I went back as a westlife follower again, back on track, joined a forum, made another circle of Westlife friends, text clan and all that. A fan, my chatmate, asked me to relive the defunct WFCP but I thought we couldn't do it just the 2 of us. So I kinda laugh it off, let other adults do it, hun. Later, I found out that she had other fans to do with it and succesfully re-established the WFCP, now OWFCP (so she wasn't really joking when she asked me about it). I could be one of the admin if I wanted to, but I can't take the responsibilities, I can't make lotsa time and huge effort for a fanclub. Especially this time I'm completing my studies. I guess that what makes me differ to others, but, please, never question my admiration towards them. I would have stop a long time ago if I wasn't more than a Westlife fan.

Sept 29 2012. That's my tatay's birthday. Sweet. But that date was way more than special than the past Sept29s of my years. It was Westlife Manila concert date. A night to remember. A dream came true. I have my previous blog entry about this, so I'm skipping this special part.

November, we still have hang over from the night. I still watch my concert videos to relive the feeling. Friends on facebook posting status updates about Westlife. Not about the concert, but sad status updates.Westlife splits. SPLIT. The S word that every band fan would never want to hear from their idol. I went over to the official site to confirm and tada, a letter from them welcomed me. It was morning, great way to start the day. Then everyone seemed to be crying their hearts out on their status and blog posts, even text messages. Please don't get me wrong but I never cry over it, not a single tear. I tried, cos it was supposed to hurt and that's what every westlife fan is doing, I should do but...I'm.. not... I just couldn't cry. I can't fake it with crocodile tears or keep posting pretending crying status/blog posts  just to go along with the other but that would be a total bullshit. But it definitely upset Lala.

The last ever gig has come. After waiting for months which was like watching the every tick of the time bomb to explode on 23rd of June. The Philippines wasn't able to be part of the Farewell Tour and the screening of the Croke Park gig in cinema. Just our luck.So we waited for updates from the other side of this earth. As I told before, I never shed tears over Westlife since the Sept 6 night until I saw Shane's eyes filled with tears on a youtube video. That really broke me into pieces. I've known Shane as the one who cries easily in the band, I could see it when he have too much laugh, he weep some tears in his eyes. Of course, that one in Croke was different. It's the first time I saw him with those much of tears.I can't face a thought of my loved ones crying, and you know I love Westlife. I love Shane all these years.That sight was just...couldn't bear it.I don't think I'll ever could.

So that was it. The end of an era. Westlife has gone. No more November releases. No more tour every year. What sucks about life is you can't let people stay with you, even those you wanted to be with forever, people who's been a part of you, they come and go.But it's a part of  the changes. The  world changes and everything in it comes along with it. Changes that shape us to who we are right now. What matters is the memories and legacy they left for us,  that would last for eternity. There's more to life than Westlife, I always knew that but those four men has already made their own respective spots in my heart. Shane got the bigger one. It's amazing thing, I'll always have the special spot for him. Forever. I don't think I'll get over Westlife.

To Westlife, I have enjoyed my teen years until the last mile of your way. Others think I never had, that I barely have a life but they know nothing. I enjoy your music, you made me believe more in a stuff called love. You taught me to dream and to chased it. There's so many stuffs to tell and it's been said and heard so many times but thank you... Thank you for everything you've shared with us and I forever thank your parents for making you guys incredibly gorgeous.

So long, Westlife.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog challenge myself ;)

Okay. Let's do this thing! ;)

"I'm engaged!!!" -- Let's bet when this one's gonna last, shall we?

She's skinnier now. Looks like Sheryl Crow with that hair.

I dunno if you've heard (I'm certain, you had) the news regarding the engagement of the 19-year-old Disney star Miley Cyrus and the undeniably hot boyfriend Liam Hemsworth after 3 years of on and off relationship.I've seen the ring and it's wow, ha, I wish boo could give me a ring like that! Hahah! :D Yep, here we go again... another young star making move that is not appropriate to their age, getting engaged at 19?! What was I during my 19th year? I didn't have a boyfriend, still dreaming to finish school someday and plan my future family at the right time and age, but Miley seems to be busy growing up so fast But, what's new anyway? We've heard alot more than that. We've heard 16 and pregnant, got married as young as 17 (The Home Alone kid), etc.Well even some kids in the neighborhood got already tummy bumps at 13. Sadly, the famous people got married at early age didn't last that long.So if one day you see on your Yahoo hompage about the Miley-Liam break up, I'll smack your face if you say you are surprised.

Well apparently Miley is not only the one who got received a precious ring from her significant other. Reysano got me something that supposedly a Valentine gift for me but it took ages to be done, as this one was made-to-order.
Excuse my not so pretty hand with gothic nails.

Happy I am. :) Of course, it is not as expensive as Miley's and it's not certainly an engagement ring but this one is priceless. And definitely better than hers! ;)

*Miley-Liam photo not mine

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My current jam \m/

I'm currently taking my IT practicum or I'm on the job training now. My workplace is quite far, it takes me 45-60 mins on the way road that's why I adjusted my clocks 30mins earlier so I cannot be wait, hehe.. It's one of my weaknesses actually, not a morning person and I'm kinda slow mover. It's a long journey every morning that's why I always make sure that  my best friend for road trips is fully charged. My playlist consists of mostly music of my time, couple songs from Westlife, boybands, some Christian songs, some OPM from Eraserheads and Rivermaya, some oldies, even The Beatles and one Frank Sinatra. I sorta avoid music from mainstream, or too mainstream especially those kind of songs that I could hear from all over the places.

So here's my some music that is on repeat mode:

We Are Young by Fun. ft. Janelle Monae - First heard on John Cena- The Rock promotional WrestleMania 28 match. I'm trying hard to stop myself singing this song out loud while playing on my earphones.

Demi Lovato - I just completed all 3 albums of this Disney star and I'm currently hook on her first one. I would die to have a singing voice like hers. Seriously.

Kelly Clarkson - I have love her since Since You've Been Gone days and her latest Stronger is an awesome national anthem for all the women around the world. The music video is great as well. The Kelly Clarkson is dancing  ;)

Invincible by Machine Gun Kelly- Another from WWE WrestleMania theme. I adore the chorus.

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen -  So this is mainstream, right? The lyrics from the chorus is ridiculous, but I can't fake it, I like this catchy song. The celebrity stars lip syncing the song youtube video made me like this one. I don't know the singer, is she the star from the ICarly show of Nickolodeon? Oh okay.

It's funny that each song that I listen to my playlist, my mind automatically imagining myself singing the song in front of the crowd. I am really a frustrated singer and performer.

Friday, May 18, 2012

OMG. Autographed picture of Shane Filan with my name on it. Kill me now ^__^

Living on the other side of the world? Getting close to your idol is freakin impossible to happen? Computer and internet makes all your dreams come true. It's now easy to have photo beside your idol, thanks to Photoshop and now this: an autographed picture of your favorite artist, thanks to this site, you can now have a signed poster of Westlife and other artist you've been fantasizing for long now. It's their actual signature and handwriting can be personalized and print out, of course you have to pay for it and the watermarks you're seeing above will not be included. I'm actually psyched about this, seeing my name with Shane's signature... Aaahh. dream come true!

Pathetic fangirl I am.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Labor day out of town trip

We went all the way to Bataan to visit Rey's family. I have finally met his mother and younger brother who has just graduated from studying Criminology. He's more goodlooking than his older bro, hahaha! They're all nice and the treatment was very welcome like they already knew me before. Although most of the time, they've been talking waray dialect, I partly understand what they're saying, cos Bisaya and Waray are kinda alike with some words so,I was like a really quiet girl sitting on chair watching TV. Thank God the TV was on, it would be really awkward for me to sit and listening to their whatever they say or I'd be weirdly looking on my phone the whole time. Well, it was quite an out of town trip, I have never been to Bataan and Pampanga before. I wish someday I could afford to travel beautiful places here in the Philippines... with him.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tropical Lala

My current facebook profile photo.

We've been toast under the summer heat these past few days. I bet you enjoy it on the beach with family and friends (buti pa kayo) or some are loving it for quickly dry laundry. Some people I know are currently having tan skin, some were sun burned and it's sorta trend nowadays because it is summah. Me? I've been morena all my life. In all of my siblings, I say, I'm the only who have darker skin compare to them. I've been teased, bullied many times because of this, been called negra, sunog, etc. and honestly, being a morena has been one of my reasons why some points of my life I have a low level self-esteem. Until now, I'm still having trouble what color of clothes should I wear, I avoid neon colors, Haha! puhleeze.. I don't wear make up cos  I haven't figure out what colors suits to my skin (help please?) I researched on the internet about it, I even asked some bloggers, make up/fashion specialists but they all give me different answers, I dunno what's to follow. I've used whitening products such as soap, cream, lotion, astringent but I wasn't consistent using those because after all  this feeling bit down about my skin, I didn't feel any desperation to make my skin whiter. I am more concern of complexion of my skin irregardless of its color. I want it to be smooth, scar-less, I may not mestiza but at least my skin's beautiful than yours. Hahaha! This color of mine might be the reason why I am more a tropical person. I more like the heat than cold weather. I never enjoy rainy days, those kind of days seems to be so sad, gloom and all that. I love everything about summer except sun burned. I have enough sun kisses all over my skin, I don't think I need more. :))

PS: My guy says I don't need to get whiter, because he is already "crazy" over me, what more if I get clearer skin? HAHA! :))

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Next year's Miss Universe could be a natural born MALE

I saw on the news today that Donald Trump, who owns the Miss Universe pageant, has agreed to let the TRANSGENDERS to ENTER and COMPETE with other NATURAL BORN WOMEN in MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT.

No discrimination here. I respect all kinds of individuals here on earth but we have this saying, Ang kay Juan ay kay Juan at ang kay Pedro ay kay Pedro. I believe there's alot beauty pageants around the globe for transgenders, there's one as prestigious as Miss Universe, they should not go and takes over a contest that is exclusively for natural born women. It's plain unfair, I think.

Don't be surprise, one day... you'll be watching a Miss Universe coronation night and find out that all of them has gone through a surgical knife just to have a vajayjay!

Facebook Messenger

So I logged on facebook today, like what I always do everytime I connect to the internet and Mark Zuckerberg has created and launch this (finally) facebook messenger.

Away from internet browser, I could see the real time updates from my friends and people online. My notification pop ups on the lower right side of the screen and opens my account on net browser when I click it. So yeah, it's cool :)

One more thing though: ENABLE CHAT ON CAM PLEASE?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ShNicky Wives

Still a vivid memory. The very first time I saw a photo of the girl named Gillian Walsh who reported as Shane Filan's fiancee back then, my eyes glued on the monitor. I couldn't take off my eyes to the photo where Shane's holding close blond girl's hand with a ring on it wearing a white top. It was the first time I felt jealous. I thought, "Eto na ba yung babaeng yun? Di naman kagandahan!" (She's the girl? She's not even pretty!). Crazy but I felt like I wanna grab her hair off the photo that I was staring at. I was really jealous like I have the effing right to be jealous.Well, I was a kid back then, you know things could get into kid's mind. But until now, I don't find Gillian Walsh and Georgina Ahern suits to Shane and Nicky's sexyness. To be honest? It's kinda hard to accept this painful truth that their respective wives couldn't get any closer to their gorgeousness level. Look at Gillian, tell me, she looks like a blonde horse. Don't deny that fact. And Georgina, she's same age as Nicky but she looks more matured than her husband, I don't know how Nicky fell into those big round eyes. Seriously, I know you're thinking the same things. 

But, still... Gillian is the only woman Shane fell inlove to. Madly.
Georgina Ahern is the girl who made Nicky's love fairytale came true.

They're the women that my favorite gorgeous chose and will choose no matter what fans or other people think about them. 

They're the women who fills our lads' hearts with love.

They're the women who makes them complete and brings joy and happiness to them.

And they're the most beautiful girls to Shane and Nicky's eyes.

And for all that, they always have my respect. I am nobody to say ugly things about them. If they're the only people who holds the keys to Shane and Nicky's  happiness, I would gladly support them all the way. After all, that's the only job of mine.

Georgina Ahern, Nicky's wife

Gillian's engagement ring designed by Shane. The proposal happened in Dubai November 2002.

Shane and Gillian  Filan

PS: I still get bit jealous seeing photos like these. Esp those twitpics.


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