Monday, June 23, 2014

For The Future

When you got your first job, what's the first goal in your mind?

I grew up with my parents who has never ending debt. Means we 'borrow' what we eat, spend every day and pay them on my tatay's payday. Usually dad's paycheck is gone after 2-3 days by paying all our debts we made throughout the cut-off. What's left is our surviving money for the next days til next sweldo. Sometimes, sweldo is not enough so we borrow money again to others or pawn my tatay's payroll ATM card and other stuffs to pay so we can have credit again for the next 12 days and so. That's how the money in our family flows. With God's grace, my older sister got a chance to work abroad, helped me to went and finish college, had our home in Cavite renovate, helped pay our bills on time and also help kamag-anak in province whenever they asked to (but not all the time). Although my sister is well-pay abroad, I dunno but my nanay still have utang. It won't go. In fact, until now. Even my cousin who already has own family, she pawns her husband's payroll ATM card to survive til next payday of his husband. One I asked her, why you keep doing that, she answered me like sangla or pawning atm is inevitable, it happens normally like trials in life. Kalokohan. So when I had my first job, I swore to myself: This never ending utang won't happen to me. It will not happen to me.

Then I read these books:


Boy, I am grateful that I have read these. These books taught me to budget and save money every payday and I did. I had P10,000 on my savings account before the 2013 ended. Until now, I follow this formula:

Income - Savings = Expense

I have one goal: To have my own house and lot. I am 25 years-old now and hopefully I can achieve that by my mid-30s, but with this money on my savings account is all I have, I dunno, with its low interest annually, It'll take me ages before I can save millions of peso.

I'm a Cosmo girl, though it's not obvious but I do buy and read Cosmopolitan magazine every month. It's their money article that I always look forward to so I learned about investments from reading the magazine. While browsing thru internet to learn more about it, I stumble upon this great financial website called The Wise Living (which is by the way, a perfect financial blog for people @  their 20s) and I contacted the blogger since she offers FREE financial consulting. I reached to her, who's name is Lianne, through Viber and she was very patient and nice to teach me brief information about investment which is what I needed. 

Now I have VUL, which is an insurance + investments product (which is I think is really great because you're investing AND you are covered by insurance in one. Ha. Cool, eh?) of Sun Life Financial. Ms Lianne now stands as my financial advisor (very cool. I sound like a person who has lot of money she don't know what the hell to do with those)

I'm just very glad that I did this, that I've start investing so my future self will thank me. This is so good and I thought, why can't everyone just do this investing stuff. I mean, it's a win-win situation. You help not only yourself but also our economy, right? More investments, great economy, yeah? This is just what I think, but I know I'm right. I tell about this to my friends, but they seem don't believe me.  Or I am not just an effective seller because I can't discuss these stuff to them, I am no good teacher so I just tell them, you may want to visit this site or contact this person but they still don't have interest, so I don't insist. Now I wanna know more about investment. As in more. If I can have more investment in the future. As of now, I'm planning to go to financial seminars to help me.

Hey, if you don't have what I've mentioned above yet, investment and insurance, or you wanna know more about those, please do visit this site:

This site is a big help for you specially to those people @ 20's. like what I've mention. Ms Lianne is really friendly, nice and very accommodating, will surely help you out. She is young. Younger than me. She is so cool that she knows alot about finance at the very young age who graduated from nursing. So cool. Again, consultation is free.

This is essential. I mean, you should REALLY get your insurance and invest NOW. I mean, really, really.


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