Sunday, December 15, 2013

Relaks,Pag-Ibig Lang yan, Parang Kagat Lang ng Langgam

I'm not talking about love here, I'm no Papa Jack here. I'm talking about a planner! A very cute and funny planner! And an affordable one. 

So the year is about to end, and I am now working (yep, jaysus I need a lot of updates here), I do carry a small notebook inside my bag for jotting down anything like budget,plans to-do, diary etc. I thought of buying myself a planner. My first choice was BDJ, I already planned to buy, so chick, I thought it's the one I need... I so wanted it I even made it to my wishlist for our Christmas party at the office until I saw this one:

(Grabbed from Witty Will Save The World FB)

It's a funny and clever planner, although at this stage of my life I don't cry-cry over love cos I'm sorta blessed with this area (Chos yabang. But its true. hehe). Pero naging tanga rin sa love, of course. (sinong hindi?)
I contacted Witty Will Save The World to place my order kasi it's only Php450.00 free shipping pag sakanila umorder while it's Php490.00 sa bookstores. With such luck, my colleague had this planner and sell to me with discounted price. Mas bet nya SB planner.

It's small hard bound planner. Easy to carry sa bag!

Things I only bought for MYSELF this December.

A fill in the blank letter for your Ex. I don't have somebody's name to put here so, si Shane Filan na lang. Yep, feelingera.
(Grabbed from Witty Will Save The World FB)

Every month may horoscope. May guide na 'ko.
(Grabbed from Witty Will Save The World FB)
I found out mas maganda planner nila for 2013. Too bad I missed it. I hope I don't miss any planner from them from now on.

So you can get yours here:
(Grabbed from Witty Will Save The World FB)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Liam and Lala

A week after meeting Liam Hemsworth at the SM Mall Of Asia, finally our photograph together is now posted on Bench official Facebook. It would've been better though if they posted the ones where we both looking at the camera cos as far as I remember there were like 3 or 4 cameras we were posing to and yet you released the one we're unaware of. Ugh. Still thankful though cos like I've said on the previous post, I am very lucky to have this opportunity, I owe it to Bench.

I'm getting this framed ^_^

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Confession: I'm obsessed with Miley-Liam lately

I follow their romance because I’m obsessed with Liam and to be frankly speaking, I’m actually happy with all those break up rumors cos I’ve been hoping for it from the start. They’re too opposite, Miley loves to be center of the attention, Liam is a humble kind of laid back guy which is very sexy of him and no, they’re not from The Notebook movie, although they’re complete opposite they can’t be crazy for each other. Rumor has it Liam is fed up with Miley’s transformation, rushing herself to get old. And when she gets old, she’ll surely spend her dimes to stay young. The irony. I met Liam and he’s effing sexy, it was last week Friday and I still couldnt get over with it and I dont think I would. His aussie accent still ringing in my ears. And all those photos of Miley smoking weeds? That’s just too stupid of her to post it on the internet, then blames media for not having her privacy. Btw, I adore Miley Cyrus fashion until she turned herself into a rebel punk bleached haired wannabe.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Long Distance Relationship

UPDATE: This is myself a year ago. I was outta my mind, being mellow dramatic and all. This is stupidly embarrass but I decided not to delete this one. Just to remind myself, nope... I was that stupid, don't go back in there. LOL And yep, Cavite-Taguig is NOT an LDR

——————————About You 
  1.  What is your name? Lara
  2. How old are you? 24
  3. Where do you live? Cavite, Philippines
  4. What do you look like? morena. with eyeglasses, prescribed. slim.
About Them
  1. You have a significant other, right? Yes
  2. What’s their name? Rey
  3. How old are they? 30
  4. Where do they live? Taguig
  5. What do they look like? Taller than me, kinda hairy person, has beard, slim but musculine. 
———————————- About The Relationship
  1. Since you’re taking this, it’s a long-distance relationship, right? Yes
  2. Did you meet through the internet? Nope
  3. If not, then how did you meet?  We used to work at the same workplace.
  4. How often do you see them? 3-5 times a month
  5. How long have you been together?  5 years now
————————————————-When Was The Last Time You …
  1. saw them? Today.
  2. kissed them? Today before he went back home
  3. hugged them?  Today
  4. talked to them? A couple of days
Some Other Questions
  1. What made you decide you wanted to be in a long-distance relationship? Nobody wants to be in this kind of relationship. Do you? As if we had an option. We moved here in Cavite and he got a job in Taguig, probably 5hours ride away. Although we're apart, ending our relationship never crossed our minds. 
  2. How does it usually make you feel? At first it is really hard for me cos we spent our 1st year we were together 7 days a week so when this LDR started, I was dying missing him. There was even a time when we never heard of each other for a month which probably the hardest point of our relationship. Later on, we planned to meet after 2-3 weeks, we don't wanna get through a month without seeing each other. Mostly, he comes to me to visit or sometimes we go out.
  3. Are there any songs that remind you of them? Whenever I miss him, I could relate to any love songs.
  4. Ever feel unable to believe you’re in a real relationship because of it?  Distance is nothing. I'm in a real serious relationship and we both know it.
  5. Do you ever feel angry or stressed because of the distance? I did, during the first months.
  6. Do you ever take it out on your significant other? Not really
  7. Are you ever jealous of local couples? Sometimes, yeah. 
  8. What are the advantages of a long-distance relationship? Your love for each other grows fonder. Everytime we see each other, it's one of the amazing.
  9. What are the disadvantages? Some nights you wanna cuddle but he's absent or sometimes when you're feeling down or something amazing happened, he's not there to talk to.
  10. Do people have less faith in your relationship because of the distance? I dunno to them. I don't really care. Well they see us how we spend time together.
  11. Do you know when the next time you’ll see them is? As of now, no. Due to his job.
  12. How do you usually talk to them? We never lasts a week without talking on the phone.
  13. Has the distance helped your relationship at all? Yes, of course. 
  14. If so, in what ways? It proves to me how faithful he is to me and i am to him. That we could fully trust each other.
  15. Do you find it hard to trust your significant other? I trust him completely.
  16. Have you, or your significant other, ever taken advantage of the distance and lied? He never lied to me as far as I know.
  1. Do you ever hope to live with your significant other? Yes
  2. Do you hope to marry them? Yes.
  3. Do you hope to have kids with them? I already named our future children
  4. Do you think it’d be strange to finally have them with you, permanently? No, I've known him for years now.
  5. Do you think there’s a chance of this happening? Yes, we're planning for it.
  6. How often do you cry over it? I dont cry over it. I'm used to it.
  7. Would you ever break up with them because of the distance? NO
  8. What keeps you from ending it all? Love.
————- Finishing
  1. Overall, are you happy you’re in the relationship? Yes
  2. Any advice for others in your situation? Believing in your relationship is the key. Trust. Love. Communication. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Liam Hemsworth in Manila

My plan was to settle myself behind the barricades. I just wanted to see Liam Hemsworth in flesh and take some good photographs of him at SM Mall Asia Music Hall. I don't have any passes to get close  at least to the stage. But God did some incredible thing: Staffs of the event allowed us to enter the VIP area minutes after Liam arrived backstage. Seated on the 3rd row, I thought I'm lucky enough. When Liam showed up, I immediately took pictures of him. The meet and greet session started, people on my row stood in line to get close to Liam fucking Hemsworth . It was okay for me not joining the session cos being in the VIP area for free it's awesome enough ok. But a staff told me to get in the line without asking for my passes. Without a word, I ran to the queue line and prepared my Liam postcard. Shit, what am I gonna say to him. He greeted me, "Hi thank you for coming, how ya doing?" I smiled. I couldn't speak. Ugh, stupid. We posed for the cameras. He rested his hand on my left shoulder, I rested mine on his lower back. Please sign. "Sure!". Thank you. "Thank you. your welcome. See ya later!".
I couldn't believe this. I met Liam Hemsworth! His eyes, oh god... I could die.

My view hours before Liam's arrival. I was actually contented with this distance.
Bench staffs distributed some free stuff 

Minute away to meet Liam!!

I'm done meeting with him, went down the stage and started taking some photos of him

And he's done with the Meet and Greet session in less than an hour

And here's my signed postcard

PS: If the Miley-Liam break up is true, please dont bring her back! You're too gorgeous for her.


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