Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tropical Lala

My current facebook profile photo.

We've been toast under the summer heat these past few days. I bet you enjoy it on the beach with family and friends (buti pa kayo) or some are loving it for quickly dry laundry. Some people I know are currently having tan skin, some were sun burned and it's sorta trend nowadays because it is summah. Me? I've been morena all my life. In all of my siblings, I say, I'm the only who have darker skin compare to them. I've been teased, bullied many times because of this, been called negra, sunog, etc. and honestly, being a morena has been one of my reasons why some points of my life I have a low level self-esteem. Until now, I'm still having trouble what color of clothes should I wear, I avoid neon colors, Haha! puhleeze.. I don't wear make up cos  I haven't figure out what colors suits to my skin (help please?) I researched on the internet about it, I even asked some bloggers, make up/fashion specialists but they all give me different answers, I dunno what's to follow. I've used whitening products such as soap, cream, lotion, astringent but I wasn't consistent using those because after all  this feeling bit down about my skin, I didn't feel any desperation to make my skin whiter. I am more concern of complexion of my skin irregardless of its color. I want it to be smooth, scar-less, I may not mestiza but at least my skin's beautiful than yours. Hahaha! This color of mine might be the reason why I am more a tropical person. I more like the heat than cold weather. I never enjoy rainy days, those kind of days seems to be so sad, gloom and all that. I love everything about summer except sun burned. I have enough sun kisses all over my skin, I don't think I need more. :))

PS: My guy says I don't need to get whiter, because he is already "crazy" over me, what more if I get clearer skin? HAHA! :))

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Next year's Miss Universe could be a natural born MALE

I saw on the news today that Donald Trump, who owns the Miss Universe pageant, has agreed to let the TRANSGENDERS to ENTER and COMPETE with other NATURAL BORN WOMEN in MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT.

No discrimination here. I respect all kinds of individuals here on earth but we have this saying, Ang kay Juan ay kay Juan at ang kay Pedro ay kay Pedro. I believe there's alot beauty pageants around the globe for transgenders, there's one as prestigious as Miss Universe, they should not go and takes over a contest that is exclusively for natural born women. It's plain unfair, I think.

Don't be surprise, one day... you'll be watching a Miss Universe coronation night and find out that all of them has gone through a surgical knife just to have a vajayjay!

Facebook Messenger

So I logged on facebook today, like what I always do everytime I connect to the internet and Mark Zuckerberg has created and launch this (finally) facebook messenger.

Away from internet browser, I could see the real time updates from my friends and people online. My notification pop ups on the lower right side of the screen and opens my account on net browser when I click it. So yeah, it's cool :)

One more thing though: ENABLE CHAT ON CAM PLEASE?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ShNicky Wives

Still a vivid memory. The very first time I saw a photo of the girl named Gillian Walsh who reported as Shane Filan's fiancee back then, my eyes glued on the monitor. I couldn't take off my eyes to the photo where Shane's holding close blond girl's hand with a ring on it wearing a white top. It was the first time I felt jealous. I thought, "Eto na ba yung babaeng yun? Di naman kagandahan!" (She's the girl? She's not even pretty!). Crazy but I felt like I wanna grab her hair off the photo that I was staring at. I was really jealous like I have the effing right to be jealous.Well, I was a kid back then, you know things could get into kid's mind. But until now, I don't find Gillian Walsh and Georgina Ahern suits to Shane and Nicky's sexyness. To be honest? It's kinda hard to accept this painful truth that their respective wives couldn't get any closer to their gorgeousness level. Look at Gillian, tell me, she looks like a blonde horse. Don't deny that fact. And Georgina, she's same age as Nicky but she looks more matured than her husband, I don't know how Nicky fell into those big round eyes. Seriously, I know you're thinking the same things. 

But, still... Gillian is the only woman Shane fell inlove to. Madly.
Georgina Ahern is the girl who made Nicky's love fairytale came true.

They're the women that my favorite gorgeous chose and will choose no matter what fans or other people think about them. 

They're the women who fills our lads' hearts with love.

They're the women who makes them complete and brings joy and happiness to them.

And they're the most beautiful girls to Shane and Nicky's eyes.

And for all that, they always have my respect. I am nobody to say ugly things about them. If they're the only people who holds the keys to Shane and Nicky's  happiness, I would gladly support them all the way. After all, that's the only job of mine.

Georgina Ahern, Nicky's wife

Gillian's engagement ring designed by Shane. The proposal happened in Dubai November 2002.

Shane and Gillian  Filan

PS: I still get bit jealous seeing photos like these. Esp those twitpics.

Monday, April 09, 2012

I just love my new desktop image

Looky at my new wallpaper image. Taken from Where We Are dvd tour. Such a gorgeous face, can't get enough of it.

Thesis Passed! :)

Thank You Lord for making this happen :) 

It's going be easy next sem as I'll be taking minor subject to complete my college. I can't believe I'll be finish this year ;')

Pearl holding our finished thesis books

Me posing with the product of the brain draining sem

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Cold summer nights

Been here in Cavite home for 2 weeks now spent the lenten season with my family. Apparently, there is no summer getaway for me, I noted this on my 'summer to-do lists' and looks like this won't be happening this year. I'll be going back to QC to get my report card, oh... friends will surely bit surprise as I have fringe now... fringe is bangs... haha! just trying this English word that I learned from What's Your Number movie, Anna Farris is hilarious and gahd Chris Evans is such a hottie, well anyway I'm still not used with hair over my forehead, it's quite untimely cos it's summer, bangs could be itchy and irritating but I'll get used to this, I promise.

Rey and I will not be seeing this week. Sad. Not totally though cos me being an understanding girlfriend, would not be a kontrabida to him and his mother who just came from their Samar province. So i'm giving my guy time for his family cos they rarely see each other now. His mom, along with his brother who just graduated from criminology course will spend some time in Bataan where Rey's sister lives. Have I met his mom? No. Will I get to meet her? Of course, I just dunno when.

I wanna take a new pic of me to post on my facebook to flaunt my new fringe (I'm proud thats why) but this little baby of mine doesnt have any webcam software anymore since I made some reformats and I'm downloading it from HP website which is taking 100 years now. Damn why internet connection here in Cavite is so effing slow? -_- Plus this huge pimple is effing annoy me.

My Shane is getting sue from his bank debts. Apparently, his dream of being a business tycoon is getting blurred now but I'm sure he'll get over this. As of now, I'm not bothered about Westlife's ever last show in June.. I am more excited about Shane's solo career. Shane's the main reason why I love Westlife ;)

PS: I'll be removing my chatbox. Lotsa hoax post saying they enjoy my blog, informative blog... idiots.


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