Sunday, April 08, 2012

Cold summer nights

Been here in Cavite home for 2 weeks now spent the lenten season with my family. Apparently, there is no summer getaway for me, I noted this on my 'summer to-do lists' and looks like this won't be happening this year. I'll be going back to QC to get my report card, oh... friends will surely bit surprise as I have fringe now... fringe is bangs... haha! just trying this English word that I learned from What's Your Number movie, Anna Farris is hilarious and gahd Chris Evans is such a hottie, well anyway I'm still not used with hair over my forehead, it's quite untimely cos it's summer, bangs could be itchy and irritating but I'll get used to this, I promise.

Rey and I will not be seeing this week. Sad. Not totally though cos me being an understanding girlfriend, would not be a kontrabida to him and his mother who just came from their Samar province. So i'm giving my guy time for his family cos they rarely see each other now. His mom, along with his brother who just graduated from criminology course will spend some time in Bataan where Rey's sister lives. Have I met his mom? No. Will I get to meet her? Of course, I just dunno when.

I wanna take a new pic of me to post on my facebook to flaunt my new fringe (I'm proud thats why) but this little baby of mine doesnt have any webcam software anymore since I made some reformats and I'm downloading it from HP website which is taking 100 years now. Damn why internet connection here in Cavite is so effing slow? -_- Plus this huge pimple is effing annoy me.

My Shane is getting sue from his bank debts. Apparently, his dream of being a business tycoon is getting blurred now but I'm sure he'll get over this. As of now, I'm not bothered about Westlife's ever last show in June.. I am more excited about Shane's solo career. Shane's the main reason why I love Westlife ;)

PS: I'll be removing my chatbox. Lotsa hoax post saying they enjoy my blog, informative blog... idiots.

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