Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tropical Lala

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We've been toast under the summer heat these past few days. I bet you enjoy it on the beach with family and friends (buti pa kayo) or some are loving it for quickly dry laundry. Some people I know are currently having tan skin, some were sun burned and it's sorta trend nowadays because it is summah. Me? I've been morena all my life. In all of my siblings, I say, I'm the only who have darker skin compare to them. I've been teased, bullied many times because of this, been called negra, sunog, etc. and honestly, being a morena has been one of my reasons why some points of my life I have a low level self-esteem. Until now, I'm still having trouble what color of clothes should I wear, I avoid neon colors, Haha! puhleeze.. I don't wear make up cos  I haven't figure out what colors suits to my skin (help please?) I researched on the internet about it, I even asked some bloggers, make up/fashion specialists but they all give me different answers, I dunno what's to follow. I've used whitening products such as soap, cream, lotion, astringent but I wasn't consistent using those because after all  this feeling bit down about my skin, I didn't feel any desperation to make my skin whiter. I am more concern of complexion of my skin irregardless of its color. I want it to be smooth, scar-less, I may not mestiza but at least my skin's beautiful than yours. Hahaha! This color of mine might be the reason why I am more a tropical person. I more like the heat than cold weather. I never enjoy rainy days, those kind of days seems to be so sad, gloom and all that. I love everything about summer except sun burned. I have enough sun kisses all over my skin, I don't think I need more. :))

PS: My guy says I don't need to get whiter, because he is already "crazy" over me, what more if I get clearer skin? HAHA! :))

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