Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Labor day out of town trip

We went all the way to Bataan to visit Rey's family. I have finally met his mother and younger brother who has just graduated from studying Criminology. He's more goodlooking than his older bro, hahaha! They're all nice and the treatment was very welcome like they already knew me before. Although most of the time, they've been talking waray dialect, I partly understand what they're saying, cos Bisaya and Waray are kinda alike with some words so,I was like a really quiet girl sitting on chair watching TV. Thank God the TV was on, it would be really awkward for me to sit and listening to their whatever they say or I'd be weirdly looking on my phone the whole time. Well, it was quite an out of town trip, I have never been to Bataan and Pampanga before. I wish someday I could afford to travel beautiful places here in the Philippines... with him.

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