Friday, May 18, 2012

OMG. Autographed picture of Shane Filan with my name on it. Kill me now ^__^

Living on the other side of the world? Getting close to your idol is freakin impossible to happen? Computer and internet makes all your dreams come true. It's now easy to have photo beside your idol, thanks to Photoshop and now this: an autographed picture of your favorite artist, thanks to this site, you can now have a signed poster of Westlife and other artist you've been fantasizing for long now. It's their actual signature and handwriting can be personalized and print out, of course you have to pay for it and the watermarks you're seeing above will not be included. I'm actually psyched about this, seeing my name with Shane's signature... Aaahh. dream come true!

Pathetic fangirl I am.

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