Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I'm feeling down about my phone that got wet after I accidentally pour the water pitcher on to the table where my phone at. That result to malfunctioning the touch screen. Now after I've gone to Market!Market! yesterday to have it successfully repair, I found out that WiFi connection won't work and the Bluetooth as well. Apparently, not only the touch screen got damage, also the WiFi and Bluetooth connection that I didn't notice right after I got the phone from the technician. I went to another technician just today to have it check but to my despair, they couldn't do it and needs to be done in Cherry Mobile service center since it is the brand of my phone cos they don't have the piece of needs to be replaced. They reformatted the phone, lost my contacts, messages and some apps. Now I'm losing my interest to this cos some stuffs that I've worked in this gadget lost. Like I am back to zero. No WiFi connection to regain them all until I bring this to the service center and fix hopefully with a low charge. This is ruining my budget, too. I had no choice but to break in to my savings account. Sighs. I hope my phone will be fully repaired.

But then, hey... this is just a phone. Although this is given to me by my boyfriend, it's just a phone. It could be worse. I should not be too much bummed about it. I still have all my downloaded songs and my pictures which is good. Contacts could be retrieve, thanks to Facebook. And I can still pay my savings account for money spent and will be spending for this. Its just a phone.

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I admit that this phone is taking too much time from me. Only this phone connects me to the 'outside world' as I live day by day with work-home-work and weekend for me it's either all day in the boarding house or home in Cavite. And even when I'm home in Cavite, my eyes is still glued to my phone, browsing, downloading stuffs. Can't get enough of it. When I'm offline, I still have my phone in my hand reading ebook. I guess this is a good thing that happened. To realize that heyy dude... this thing is eating you.. you need to go back your life off line. Away from your smartphone.

These smart phones. It's either your slave or could be you are the slave of your smart phone. One time I'm in a Itchyworms gig. The band was banging, the music is so good, I was singing my heart out to every lyrics of Beer then I noticed some people, well mostly, was glued on their phones busy taking selfies with monopod or whatyoucall selfie pods or filming the show. I was like, what the fudge people! They're missing the real fun here.

Taking selfies every angle, or with another friends, taking an angle where Jugs singing in my background. Great shot. The band is now playing their hit Loveteam but he doesn't know cause he's busy arranging those taken shots in a photo collage. Trying every filter, yes this looks good.. no.. my face too dark.. ahh this.. Itchyworm is playing an Eraserheads song! Oh myy God. Oh, some stickers won't hurt. Yep, good to post. Thinking of a great caption to this. Oh yeah don't forget to check in where am at. There. Wait some minutes, checks again who 'like' my post. 

I bet also he liked his own post.

There also a time I went to a Shane Filan gig at the Podium. I went there, waited hours and paid hundreds to see Shane Filan live but thanks to some guys, I saw him via live streaming on their little screens.

I swear I wanted to put a hole on that Ipad with a bullet. If I had a gun that time.

I hope people stop doing this in every gig. You won't enjoy the moment if you choose it to save it on your phone/card memory rather than to your brain memory. I've done this before and regretted it. I should've savor the moment. Well, if you want to relive it, there's always somebody would upload it on YouTube. Taking pictures now and then is okay, I do this. Just stop filming the whole damn show.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mistress by James Patterson

This is my first read novel written by the famous James Patterson. I'm aware that he has alot of marv works. I think if you've written and publish lotsa novels, like more than a hundred, then you must be really, really good. James P has always been on my list but you know due to a lot of books to read, sometimes you don't know which one to start. If I can just read them all at once, like, one novel in the morning, another one by lunch, an e-book in the afternoon, one at night. Of course at this stage I can't do all that.
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So yeah this one is my first from Mr. Patterson, finished it by 2 days. Started reading it last Monday after I've done my laundry until the next day morning at the office. I can say, I love it though it only gained 3 and ahalf stars in Goodreads which I dont know why. I really enjoyed reading it, couldn't put it down. One of the best book I've read judging how I excitedly want to flip page by page. I find it funny how the lead character run his thoughts and I think this is one of the reasons why they give this less than 5 stars cos it got them confuse which I don't get it. I mean, they are probably Patterson fans ever since or read hundred books in their life, whats the confusion. Sometimes, I get confuse in the middle of a Nicholas Sparks novel. The narrator enters presidential trivia all of a sudden, interesting ones and best part of the novel cos it's funny, too. This is the kind of book that you go pause reading and you'd say, daaammn... like you need to breath from the scenes you read and imagine. I pictured Bradley Cooper portraying the character. I dunno, I think he's perfect to cast if this going to be a movie.

This is 5 stars for me. I am going to read more James Patterson novels. Could you share your favorite novel from him? :)


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