Monday, July 14, 2014

Mistress by James Patterson

This is my first read novel written by the famous James Patterson. I'm aware that he has alot of marv works. I think if you've written and publish lotsa novels, like more than a hundred, then you must be really, really good. James P has always been on my list but you know due to a lot of books to read, sometimes you don't know which one to start. If I can just read them all at once, like, one novel in the morning, another one by lunch, an e-book in the afternoon, one at night. Of course at this stage I can't do all that.
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So yeah this one is my first from Mr. Patterson, finished it by 2 days. Started reading it last Monday after I've done my laundry until the next day morning at the office. I can say, I love it though it only gained 3 and ahalf stars in Goodreads which I dont know why. I really enjoyed reading it, couldn't put it down. One of the best book I've read judging how I excitedly want to flip page by page. I find it funny how the lead character run his thoughts and I think this is one of the reasons why they give this less than 5 stars cos it got them confuse which I don't get it. I mean, they are probably Patterson fans ever since or read hundred books in their life, whats the confusion. Sometimes, I get confuse in the middle of a Nicholas Sparks novel. The narrator enters presidential trivia all of a sudden, interesting ones and best part of the novel cos it's funny, too. This is the kind of book that you go pause reading and you'd say, daaammn... like you need to breath from the scenes you read and imagine. I pictured Bradley Cooper portraying the character. I dunno, I think he's perfect to cast if this going to be a movie.

This is 5 stars for me. I am going to read more James Patterson novels. Could you share your favorite novel from him? :)

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