Sunday, December 15, 2013

Relaks,Pag-Ibig Lang yan, Parang Kagat Lang ng Langgam

I'm not talking about love here, I'm no Papa Jack here. I'm talking about a planner! A very cute and funny planner! And an affordable one. 

So the year is about to end, and I am now working (yep, jaysus I need a lot of updates here), I do carry a small notebook inside my bag for jotting down anything like budget,plans to-do, diary etc. I thought of buying myself a planner. My first choice was BDJ, I already planned to buy, so chick, I thought it's the one I need... I so wanted it I even made it to my wishlist for our Christmas party at the office until I saw this one:

(Grabbed from Witty Will Save The World FB)

It's a funny and clever planner, although at this stage of my life I don't cry-cry over love cos I'm sorta blessed with this area (Chos yabang. But its true. hehe). Pero naging tanga rin sa love, of course. (sinong hindi?)
I contacted Witty Will Save The World to place my order kasi it's only Php450.00 free shipping pag sakanila umorder while it's Php490.00 sa bookstores. With such luck, my colleague had this planner and sell to me with discounted price. Mas bet nya SB planner.

It's small hard bound planner. Easy to carry sa bag!

Things I only bought for MYSELF this December.

A fill in the blank letter for your Ex. I don't have somebody's name to put here so, si Shane Filan na lang. Yep, feelingera.
(Grabbed from Witty Will Save The World FB)

Every month may horoscope. May guide na 'ko.
(Grabbed from Witty Will Save The World FB)
I found out mas maganda planner nila for 2013. Too bad I missed it. I hope I don't miss any planner from them from now on.

So you can get yours here:
(Grabbed from Witty Will Save The World FB)


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