Saturday, March 16, 2013

Liam Hemsworth in Manila

My plan was to settle myself behind the barricades. I just wanted to see Liam Hemsworth in flesh and take some good photographs of him at SM Mall Asia Music Hall. I don't have any passes to get close  at least to the stage. But God did some incredible thing: Staffs of the event allowed us to enter the VIP area minutes after Liam arrived backstage. Seated on the 3rd row, I thought I'm lucky enough. When Liam showed up, I immediately took pictures of him. The meet and greet session started, people on my row stood in line to get close to Liam fucking Hemsworth . It was okay for me not joining the session cos being in the VIP area for free it's awesome enough ok. But a staff told me to get in the line without asking for my passes. Without a word, I ran to the queue line and prepared my Liam postcard. Shit, what am I gonna say to him. He greeted me, "Hi thank you for coming, how ya doing?" I smiled. I couldn't speak. Ugh, stupid. We posed for the cameras. He rested his hand on my left shoulder, I rested mine on his lower back. Please sign. "Sure!". Thank you. "Thank you. your welcome. See ya later!".
I couldn't believe this. I met Liam Hemsworth! His eyes, oh god... I could die.

My view hours before Liam's arrival. I was actually contented with this distance.
Bench staffs distributed some free stuff 

Minute away to meet Liam!!

I'm done meeting with him, went down the stage and started taking some photos of him

And he's done with the Meet and Greet session in less than an hour

And here's my signed postcard

PS: If the Miley-Liam break up is true, please dont bring her back! You're too gorgeous for her.

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