Monday, March 18, 2013

Long Distance Relationship

UPDATE: This is myself a year ago. I was outta my mind, being mellow dramatic and all. This is stupidly embarrass but I decided not to delete this one. Just to remind myself, nope... I was that stupid, don't go back in there. LOL And yep, Cavite-Taguig is NOT an LDR

——————————About You 
  1.  What is your name? Lara
  2. How old are you? 24
  3. Where do you live? Cavite, Philippines
  4. What do you look like? morena. with eyeglasses, prescribed. slim.
About Them
  1. You have a significant other, right? Yes
  2. What’s their name? Rey
  3. How old are they? 30
  4. Where do they live? Taguig
  5. What do they look like? Taller than me, kinda hairy person, has beard, slim but musculine. 
———————————- About The Relationship
  1. Since you’re taking this, it’s a long-distance relationship, right? Yes
  2. Did you meet through the internet? Nope
  3. If not, then how did you meet?  We used to work at the same workplace.
  4. How often do you see them? 3-5 times a month
  5. How long have you been together?  5 years now
————————————————-When Was The Last Time You …
  1. saw them? Today.
  2. kissed them? Today before he went back home
  3. hugged them?  Today
  4. talked to them? A couple of days
Some Other Questions
  1. What made you decide you wanted to be in a long-distance relationship? Nobody wants to be in this kind of relationship. Do you? As if we had an option. We moved here in Cavite and he got a job in Taguig, probably 5hours ride away. Although we're apart, ending our relationship never crossed our minds. 
  2. How does it usually make you feel? At first it is really hard for me cos we spent our 1st year we were together 7 days a week so when this LDR started, I was dying missing him. There was even a time when we never heard of each other for a month which probably the hardest point of our relationship. Later on, we planned to meet after 2-3 weeks, we don't wanna get through a month without seeing each other. Mostly, he comes to me to visit or sometimes we go out.
  3. Are there any songs that remind you of them? Whenever I miss him, I could relate to any love songs.
  4. Ever feel unable to believe you’re in a real relationship because of it?  Distance is nothing. I'm in a real serious relationship and we both know it.
  5. Do you ever feel angry or stressed because of the distance? I did, during the first months.
  6. Do you ever take it out on your significant other? Not really
  7. Are you ever jealous of local couples? Sometimes, yeah. 
  8. What are the advantages of a long-distance relationship? Your love for each other grows fonder. Everytime we see each other, it's one of the amazing.
  9. What are the disadvantages? Some nights you wanna cuddle but he's absent or sometimes when you're feeling down or something amazing happened, he's not there to talk to.
  10. Do people have less faith in your relationship because of the distance? I dunno to them. I don't really care. Well they see us how we spend time together.
  11. Do you know when the next time you’ll see them is? As of now, no. Due to his job.
  12. How do you usually talk to them? We never lasts a week without talking on the phone.
  13. Has the distance helped your relationship at all? Yes, of course. 
  14. If so, in what ways? It proves to me how faithful he is to me and i am to him. That we could fully trust each other.
  15. Do you find it hard to trust your significant other? I trust him completely.
  16. Have you, or your significant other, ever taken advantage of the distance and lied? He never lied to me as far as I know.
  1. Do you ever hope to live with your significant other? Yes
  2. Do you hope to marry them? Yes.
  3. Do you hope to have kids with them? I already named our future children
  4. Do you think it’d be strange to finally have them with you, permanently? No, I've known him for years now.
  5. Do you think there’s a chance of this happening? Yes, we're planning for it.
  6. How often do you cry over it? I dont cry over it. I'm used to it.
  7. Would you ever break up with them because of the distance? NO
  8. What keeps you from ending it all? Love.
————- Finishing
  1. Overall, are you happy you’re in the relationship? Yes
  2. Any advice for others in your situation? Believing in your relationship is the key. Trust. Love. Communication. 


  1. I am from Taguig and I believe Cavite-Taguig relationship is not that much of a Long Distance. You can always meet half way naman... hehe. I enjoyed reading this post Lala!!! :)

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    1. Yep I agree... now... I was back reading this, and boy... sucha drama. Was planning to delete this one, Im just embarrassing myself with this post.. lol



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