Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Go have your rest now, Manong Dolphy :')

The 6 year-old me was crying to my mother to have a notebook with my fave actor on the cover. I was preparing for my 1st grade in school. Celebrities on the cover of the writing notebook was popular that time, young celebs like the peeps from German Moreno's That's Entertainment, that's why I had Billy Joe Crawford notebooks with his silly haircut and colored 90's outfit. I was disappointed.

I wanted Dolphy notebooks.

Though I heard laughs from the adults, "They don't put celebrities as old as dolphy on the notebook, hun!"

I still cried. Dolphy is my favorite.


Thank you for the laughs and for your greatness, Manong Dolphy. 

There'll be no greater joy than to be with our God. 

Go and make laughs with angels now. 

Yes, I'd still want a Dolphy cover notebook.

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