Sunday, July 29, 2012

Twilight Couple cheating scandal: From Breaking Dawn to Breaking Up

So this is the most talked about issue in Hollywood now: Robert Pattinson and his cheating girlfriend Kirsten Stewart with the Snowhite movie director.

Seeing the paparazzi photos here that had broke twihard fans' hearts all over the world, something is strange.

If you are fooling around, and a f*cking famous celebrity, would you like to be caught when you know lotsa camera follows you whenever you're out? Then making out inside a non-tinted window car?

I know K-Stew is up to something. Some says "it's self sabotage" but whatever it is... Robert Pattinson and other people involved in this issue are the ones humiliated and hurt.

Now this is the most thing to look forward on the release date of the Twilight final installment.

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