Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cecelia Ahern brought me to my dream country, Ireland!

Luckily, I found a preloved Cecelia Ahern book entitled The Gift in Booksale at SM Centerpoint last Sunday.
I got this for only 75php. Sweet, indeed.

I've known this Irish author of P.S. I Love You before as she's happened to be connected to Westlife. Related rather. She's the sister of Westlife's Nicky Byrne's wife named Georgina Ahern. I wasn't aware how great author she was, all I know is a book of her has adapted to a Hollywood movie.

I love how Cecelia takes me to the set of the story. Reading the novel describing the beauty of Ireland is like a free plane ride to the Irish country. I was reading a book one night at bed then I felt strange the next day. I feel as though I have been to another world, that I dreamed of being in another place that is related much to Westlife. Though the book never mentioned anything Westlife, but as far as Dublin and Ireland is concerned, you're talking about Westlife, baby. That's why I have finished the book in 4 days (my shortest so far, couldn't have more time for book as OJT and school works eats me)

The Gift has a lot of twists. I love it. Totally. I now adore Cecelia Ahern. I must start hunting her books-- the cheap ones. Hehe... kid, kid..

Nicky and his twins, Rocco and Jay as special mentions

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