Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"I'm engaged!!!" -- Let's bet when this one's gonna last, shall we?

She's skinnier now. Looks like Sheryl Crow with that hair.

I dunno if you've heard (I'm certain, you had) the news regarding the engagement of the 19-year-old Disney star Miley Cyrus and the undeniably hot boyfriend Liam Hemsworth after 3 years of on and off relationship.I've seen the ring and it's wow, ha, I wish boo could give me a ring like that! Hahah! :D Yep, here we go again... another young star making move that is not appropriate to their age, getting engaged at 19?! What was I during my 19th year? I didn't have a boyfriend, still dreaming to finish school someday and plan my future family at the right time and age, but Miley seems to be busy growing up so fast But, what's new anyway? We've heard alot more than that. We've heard 16 and pregnant, got married as young as 17 (The Home Alone kid), etc.Well even some kids in the neighborhood got already tummy bumps at 13. Sadly, the famous people got married at early age didn't last that long.So if one day you see on your Yahoo hompage about the Miley-Liam break up, I'll smack your face if you say you are surprised.

Well apparently Miley is not only the one who got received a precious ring from her significant other. Reysano got me something that supposedly a Valentine gift for me but it took ages to be done, as this one was made-to-order.
Excuse my not so pretty hand with gothic nails.

Happy I am. :) Of course, it is not as expensive as Miley's and it's not certainly an engagement ring but this one is priceless. And definitely better than hers! ;)

*Miley-Liam photo not mine

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