Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fangirl dilemma: Shane Filan's Autobiography Book


I was excited when I found out that Shane's going to release his life story in a book and I thought I can buy a copy this time since I missed Westlife's autobiography book last time, though I have read it on ebook.
I checked on , My Side of Life costs around £9 (Php conversion Php645). Wow, this is affordable than the ones Shane made with the band. And then I went estatic when National Bookstore announced that the book will be available in stores this month.
And this greeted me this morning while I was having my breakfast:
Come on, why this have to be so pricey here in the Philippines. Don't you know we're humans, too? Why you gotta be so rude.  Kidding aside, I can't afford this one. I have another option though and it's cheaper, I can pre order from a fan but I'm still thinking about it now that a money problem paid a visit last nightand it's more important than this... and I think it will stay until the 15th..

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