Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Money Organizer

How do you organized your money?

Well, some uses envelope system, like each envelop allotted for different expense category like bills, transpo, tithes, etc. Some just staple their bills and puts label on it or notes where it would be spend. Some uses bills organizer like the one I saw at National Bookstore that costs around 120Php.

As for me, I am using this small organizer (bought around 50Php) that I've put categories for Rent, Baon (work allowance and dinner), Transpo, Deposit, Tithe and Nanay. I just added one category recently, I named it 'Lala'. It's for my wants. Hehe :)
I like this one better because envelope paper can be torn or crumpled and I'm not a fan of stapled bills.This organized fits bills perfectly.

I started this by creating a budget first. How much should I spend for my work allowance and transpo per month. How much my contribution for my Nanay at home in Cavite. How much should I have for my wants and for other money goals.I place them per category and refill it every payday. I should use my leftovers for my savings but since my younger sister always ask for school allowance, I haven't done it yet. Actually, I haven't deposit in to my savings since the day I got my VUL, but it's okay, I'm gonna have my savings again before this year ends. So far, this little thing helps me to organized financially. My older sister even asked me to buy her one of these so she can sort her spending and money goals, too

This budget tool is easy peasy :)

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