Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bad Teacher: bad movie

Okay, so my sem break is partially started. My tv is wreck, boo's not coming home for the weekend, I'm left with my laptop with many movies saved that I have already seen 97% of those. Got no choice but to watch the remaining films cos my internet is limited and it takes days for me to download a movie file. Good thing I have copied some from my classmate including Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.

I've always love Justin T. He's like one of the hottest guy on earth, totally drools over him. But I hated him for doing this movie. Bad Teacher has the most dislikable lead character which is Cameron Diaz playing the bad ass teacher and too bad, no justice has given. I was waiting for the story to bitch slap the character by the karma in any different way, comedic or dramatic. I thought it was a comedy film but there wasn't any funny scene at all except for the scene where Justin and Cameron having sex and orgasm with clothes on. Well, no... it's not funny for a fan of Justin's hotness like me, I was more like... frustrated. :D Well, whatever. I say, Bad Teacher is one of the worse movies I've seen.

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