Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Official Post for 2012

I know January is about to end and I'm just making this post a liiiiiittle late for a new year post. No internet connection can really make your life incomplete and I'm sorta busy for school projects So... whadduuup, people?? :D

I was twitter-ing and saw Nikki Gil's blogspot on her account. Apparently, she just started her new official blog site and read a slumbook post of her and thought, I should put this on my blog,too. I've always enjoy slumbook questions altho sometimes I can't answer some too personal questions or I can't answer a question at all. So I do the skipping questions that mostly those are things they only wanted to know about you. Well anyway... I took this from Nikki Gil's ( )

Name: Lara Melissa EraƱa
Nickname: Lala
Birthday: August 05, 1988 Age: Right now, Jan 2012, I am 23 years old.
Year sign: Year of the earth Dragon
Zodiac Sign: Leo

School/University: Betty Go-Belmonte Elem School; Carlos L. Albert HS; STI-College QA
Year/Course: BS in Information Tech (hopefully) 2012
Favorite Subject: No favorites at all. Uh, I think WORLDLIT is getting more interesting except the schedule.

Books: I do read books now as my NY resolution last year (surprisingly I achieved) but no favorite yet.
Authors: same answer in the question just right above this.
Kind of Movie: chick flick kind of movie, Jackie Chan movies, movies with lotsa action (no slash movies puh-leeze!)
Movie Idols: Emma Stone (same answer to Nikki's) Anna Farris, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan
Singers/Bands: I'm a die hard WESTLIFE fan! Westlife forever! Demi Lovato (reaally good singer!) and lots...
T.V. Programs: CSI: NY

Dress/Outfit: hmm... ukay-ukay! :D
Perfume: Cool water, Ice water, Rain... anything close to that.
Food: Italian foods, Sinigang na baboy, french fries and chocolatessss!
Drinks: Anything cold and tangy
Pals: "M-T-M. Hahaha galing talaga ng nakaimbento ng M-T-M." - Nikki Gil
Hang-outs: School, home, school. (yea, boring)
Colors: blue, black and white. And gray.
Pets: Dog named Prince.
Lucky no.: 23

Motto: Snap. I forgot my alltime favorite motto to put on this (Srsly, LALA?) Uh, wait... no. Hopeless. T_T

Who is your love?A guy named Rey Turbanada.
How did you meet? At my dad's work place where we both used to work at.
Is she/he your first love? "Hindi counted ang “puppy love”? Then yes. :p" - Nikki gil
Her/His special characteristics? He is someone I can really be proud of. Independent but not too independent. So MAN-ly!
What attracted you most? He treats me princess :)
Happiest Moment "It has yet to happen." (and I'm soooo looking forward to it!!!!)
Greatest achievement in life: When I started accepting God in my everyday life.
Greatest Dream: To go abroad. To Ireland, specifically.
Most stupid thing ever done: I have lots. >_<

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