Thursday, December 15, 2011

You know what? Get over it.

There’s nothing to feel insecure about her. Yes, she is now living together with her boyfriend. So what? you know your boyfriend is waaaaaaaay better than hers. You never fight each other, you’re both always happy together and he’s more than a man than hers, so why bother thinking about it? She is building her own independent life. Renting her own house. Financially okay. Having all the good stuffs. Studying in a fine university. And so? You could have your independent life eventually. Someday you will be on your own with the one you been wanting to spend the rest of your life with, for now, you both just working on that. He’s working, you’re studying to get your diploma. Sooner, you’ll get a great regular job that will help you to build your own dream life: build own dream house, have kids, and all that. You’re studying in just a crap school, hello? you’re in the IT industry, do you think you’ll run out job out of your field? Of course, you must work on that, too to get a really good job, you study hard. Don’t let those insecurities control you and ruin you, you must control it and ruin it. If you believe, things you always dream of will happen. God knows when your time gonna shine. For the meantime, work on it. Work on the things you want to happen. and you’ll see yourself living the dream at the end of a tunnel.

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