Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Books (Perfect for Christmas gifts)

When it comes to buying stuffs, I don't have any trouble questioning myself like do I need this?, do I have enough money to buy this? All the questions that frugal people ask themselves before purchasing stuffs. It has always been hell yeah answers to me when it comes to buying books. I admit that usually, books doesn't include in my budget because mostly my 'fun' money goes to my contribution to my parents back home. I can say no buying clothes or any other things but for books, I can't say no. There's something about books I can't resists. Especially with these books that I recently got. The other one is a gift from the author though.

OMG Where Did Your Sweldo Go: 9 Secrets Sweldo Tips To Be 20-Something Millionaire. This book is easy to read for young ones. Mostly people at their 20s shrug off the thought of managing their finances well as they think they're too young and their age is meant to enjoy things life has to offer. Lianne, who is also in her 20's, explains that investing is never too early for us. That 20's is also perfect to manage and save money for our future but won't keep us to enjoy life as the same time. Myself is currently on the way (struggling) to achieve my own financial freedom and I'm learning a lot. The thought of having financial security is priceless and there's no short cut way to achieve it and this book is your perfect first step. 

This book will available soon in bookstores but you can now order your copy here

Signed copy from the author, Lianne :)
I am fan of Bianca Gonzalez. I love how she is proud of her morena skin. She is so pretty and smart. I got excited when I found out she is releasing her own book, I know the book will not be a disappointment. Too bad I wasn't able to attend any of her book signings. Would have been so great to see her in person and have her sign my copy. 

Paano Ba 'To?! book is fascinating from cover to cover. From the cover layout to those cliparts to the whole content. Bianca shares her stories growing up and her learned lessons that life taught her. She also got some help from famous names to share their stories, too. How they dealt with their own life dilemmas and all. I like Toni Gonzaga's share stories and advice here.I have highlighted some best quotes from this and I could definitely use those advice. The book tackles every aspects of life. Plus, the book comes with 2 sheets of stickers. I have used mine for my planner.

And oh, some typography artworks of quotes from famous people, as well. Here's one of my favorite quotes.

Definitely these books are perfect Christmas gifts. 

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