Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December Remember

I haven't done with my Christmas shopping. With such luck, my paycheck got debit in an automated teller machine of BDO, I have BPI payroll card. I'm not gonna have my money until Friday as what the BPI customer agent told me after reporting the incident. They better get it back to my account, we're talking P10,000 here.Good thing, I've paid my bills before I made the wrong decision inserting my card to my non bank machine. I will not use any ATM but BPI from now on.

Sucks that I don't have any Christmas party to attend to. Such a bummer, I had to miss our company's Christmas Party at Yakimix Podium cause I had work shift on that day. Our projects requires 24/7 operation and we can't let the whole team to attend the party, there should be atleast one or two to report at the job. Then my former team organized a party to be held at the resort in Antipolo, it would have been so much fun cause I miss those people that I used to work with but I couldn't come cause it was a short notice and it's too late to file for a day of vacation leave. With all these happening, my social life is flunking down to below zero. A highschool reunion that should have been happened last Dec. 13 got cancelled, too. I was so excited about it that's why so I was gutted when they had to cancel it due to some situations. 

I've wrapped some gifts, now they're all under Christmas tree now. Some for my godchildren and for my family. I'm not done yet, I don't still have gifts for my mother and my boyfriend. I'm giving all these gifts and I'm not expecting any return. I don't think anyone would give me some Christmas gifts except for my boyfriend, whom I have told what I want him to get me. I would be so happy if anyone would take some time to remember me to get me some gifts. Sometimes I think I'm poor with friends which I'm not complaining cause, I guess I'm not friendly or a remarkable friend to anyone.

I didn't got promotion. The list of promoted agents has been released this month. All of my team got promoted except for three and I'm one of them. Two of my best friends got promoted. They all have big salary increase except for me. I got increase, too and I'm grateful but of course it's not as high as theirs. I felt embarrassed. But I couldn't question cause I saw it happened although I didn't see the outcome. As what the song says, I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough. I started thinking of resigning the company. I felt left out. I don't belong here. This is ain't what I really wanted to do. I started job haunting, passed resumes to some company online. Got called and invited for an interview but attended nothing. The companies that I want to work at hasn't contacted me yet. As the days goes by, I realized I should not be ashamed. Being not promoted doesn't define me. Maybe God didn't allow the promotion happen because He got something BIG for me instead. It was also my fault, too. Didn't try harder. Now I feel okay about not getting promoted, I'm still thinking of applying for a new job. I've always wanted to work in Summit Media. I don't see myself working in a BPO for the next 5 years. But right now, as long as I don't have my dream job to be my next tree to jump in, I'm staying here. For practical reasons.

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