Friday, January 16, 2015

Financial Aspect: Nice one, 2014!

Looking back at the year passed, I may say, it's not a great one but not that bad, aswell. If I'm going to see the bad side of this 2014, it's definitely the promotion I missed. But the good news is I'm over it. I may have fault on my part but I knew deep within, I'm not in the current career that I really wanted. Sooner or later, I'll be changing my career. It will happen this year. (So good, it rhymes!)

Despite of all the missed, I'm grateful cause I didn't miss time to work myself towards my financial freedom. May 2014, I got myself a VUL. My job helped me to pay for it every month. Having an insurance and investment makes me feel like I'm ahead of most people I know. Although they have all the cool lifestyle to post on social media and myself stuck at home living frugal, I still feel good at myself knowing that I will experience everything I want with a feeling of financial security soon. I've told my friends about saving for the future and investment and share what I've learned. I even offered them to lend some financial books I have but they all just do the talk, won't do the walk. Well, I can't help them because they don't want me to. Kind of sad. So anyway, when I received my bonuses (Christmas and performance bonus), I've opened a mutual fund alone, also in Sun Life. I have also used the rest to open a savings account to build my emergency fund in Bank Of Makati, Inc. Why BMI? Because I've learned non commercialized banks offers low opening for passbook accounts and high interests compare to the 'sikat' banks. And it's located on my way to office. I'm not seeing myself investing in direct stocks anytime soon. There are so many factors for me to consider before I enter that kind of investment. For now, I'm happy seating on the passenger's seat.

2014 has been full of learnings. I thank all my books I've read. The blogs that I'm following. People that I look up to. I'm proud of what I've done something for myself. For now, for my financial aspect, I'm focus on building my emergency, sticking to my budget and looking for an additional income. I've search on the internet, I see there's a lot of extra income opportunies, sadly I don't have a computer nor internet. I'm thinking of direct selling like Avon. What do youthink? Networking? hmm.. Networking is not for everybody and it'll cost me money and time. Not for me. Having an internet at home is the best option for me to find another source of extra income so I guess I'll work on that to have one. I'm interested at those 'working-at-home jobs', let's see if I can do that.

So yeah, that's what I'm currently dealing right now. Proud of my 2014. Ciao for now!

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