Friday, September 30, 2011

I've had the time of my life: My Westlife Concert Experience

“If I could make the moment last forever, this will be the one I choose, you and me here together. Feels so right, feels so true every star led to you…”

After a decade of Westlife fangirl-ing, I finally able to watched them live! Flesh! With my naked Eyes! Right in front of me! God! I was so nervous, I feel like floating. I couldn’t scream. I don’t remember I ever shout Shaaaaaaaaane! Nickkyyyyy! Maaaark!, Kiaaaaaaaaan!” out loud and I totally wasn’t like ‘Aaaaaaaaaaah” *fangirl scream*. But I’m not saying I had my mouth closed the whole time, ofcourse I sang along with them especially in I Will Reach You set.
So some rewind: I was in NAIA Terminal 1 airport along with other fans to welcome them. I thought if I can’t have a meet and greet pass, atleast I could see them closer, maybe closer than I could get to them in the concert night. Disappointingly, I only saw Mark inside the car. I saw his glowing smile through the windshield and I was like, “Shet, Si Mark.” That’s why I missed a glimpse of Nicky in the following car cos I was trying to get a video of Mark but since its 12mn and the car’s windows is effing tinted, I failed to get a video with their faces. I went home with extreme exhaustion and wished to get a closer look to them on the concert night.
Tonight is the night: I made friends because of Westlife. I get great bonding with people I share my interest with and never ran out of things to talk about. Some are friends online and some are what we call textfriends. So I finally got to meet them before the show. Actually they were too many to mention but I say they’re all fab. Cool people just what I thought J
My seat is just in the aisle corner. I chose it so I can do my hidden agenda: to run towards the front when westlife show up! And I did it! During the first song, I’m in the second row which ticket cost –ha-- 6 bucks! I got that idea to Westlife friend Nivee, thanks to her! :D (finally met her, she’s super nice!) I was about to go nearer, to the railings but huge guys called security stopped me so, okay, I stayed in the second row.
I was calmly enjoying the whole show. Whenever Shane gets near on the side where I positioned, I smile. A smile that from a thought of: “Oh, Shane, you’re look so amazingly handsome. I can’t believe I am seeing you in flesh right now.”

Star Magic Talent Young JV was the front act performer. It's a shame some people has to disrespect the artist just to see Westlife right away. C'mon people, let's have some maturity. Oh here, he's reporting for ASAP VIP Access segment.

Before the show starts, me and Chamy were lucky to meet Shane Filan -- standee

People @ the coliseum an hour before the concert.

This is how my seat far from the stage. Man, I gotta do something 'bout this.

The opening song. Wow, I'm in the second row now! Bwahahah!

Nicky tongue alert!

Shnicky moment in Manila

My gorgy on the screen

I have more photos of Shane (of course) but this is the best I've got. Thanks to a fan on the front whose hand has successfully blocked Shane's face in a couple shots I made. So pissed. I wanted to grab it and break it on the railings.

Mark Feehily looks bigger than I thought.

During the medley. I think this is one of my few best shots during that night.

Only few photos I made. Mostly blurred, but I took videos. The speeches, performance, moments.. Maybe i'll post screen shots some other time.

What more can I say? This is my first ever concert I attended and it is just totally amazing experience. Thank you, Westlife.

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