Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm surrounded by failing relationships -- and infidelity themed shows and movie

I am saddened by the possible break up of the two of people I love and vair close to me. Nothing has confirmed yet but, there's a huge chance that they're going to splitville. This makes me real sad because I both love them and I have always thought that they're going to end up to each other and if the thing happened, one will say good bye not just to her but to me and my family as well. How will you feel if a person has became part of your family for many years now and with just a snap, a situation ends your connection to him? Plus the fact that they've been together for over 11 years now. A fucking 11 year relationship.

Then another case on the side, falling out of love turns to infidelity. Well for this one, I don't give a flying shit about the guy because he's a total crap. What kind of a drug addict, jobless 30 year old man leaving his girlfriend and their 2 young sons for a 16 0r 17 year old girl who even look like she never take a bath since she got into this world? I dunno how stupid people can be. Plus the left-girlfriend is pretending like she doesnt give a shit about his ex anymore but she silently keeps on checking on him. Psh.

With all these cases happening around me, I can't help but to worry, What if I get the same fate as theirs? What if I fall out of love unexpectedly, you really couldn't tell, could you? What if THAT happens to him? What if something happened and things changed and you can't do about it?

I can't help but these negative things affects me which I shouldn't be. Cos I know I'm different, he is different, we all have differences and we make our own fate, if everyone around is falling, that doesn't mean I should be falling also. I gotta get off this.

I dunno what's happening in the world, in people's mind, why all of a sudden, these media entertainment suddenly appeared with so timely happenings in my life right now.

Uso na nga ba ang kaliwaan ngayon? No wonder tragedy happens...

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