Thursday, May 05, 2016

Extra Income: Sophie Paris Philippines

Taking this path to my financial freedom, I needed extra income to build my emergency fund. We know how important this one in financial journey. My money in savings bank is as slow as the running turtle while expenses runs like a rabbit. I'm currently building my emergency fund and emergency also happens along the way so it is hard for me to achieve my target amount. That's why I started looking for an extra income. I thought about having a loading station, but the income wouldn't be enough. Direct selling is the easiest option, with small cash out. you can earn by selling while staying at your regular job. I was studying Avon (which is country's #1 direct selling), Natasha, Broadwalk and all the kinds but all are required to submit documents for membership although it's free, then I saw on my way to my work one day: Sophie Paris business center in Guadalupe Makati.

Sophie Paris is a direct selling fashion and MLM company from Indonesia founded by French entrepreneur Mr. Bruno Hasson. Sophie Paris sells French-designed and well-priced bags, wallets, watches, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and garments. Sophie has been around the Philippines since 2002 and has more than 100 business centers throughout the country.

The all time best seller Sophie Magic Pink Cream. Myself and the actress Nadine Luster use this ;)

I registered as member in September 2015, membership isn't free. It cost Php200 with membership from,  and free bag, membership ID,  and a banner. I became active in October because it was the month I had the latest catalog and started telling friends and colleagues that I'm a Sophie Paris seller. To my surprise, I became one of the business center's top sales of the month! I had so many orders, it was like everyday before going to office, I was in business center for picking up my ordered items. the sales staffs there recognized me immediately. They were all very accommodating, by the way. I'm happy that I found Sophie Paris, earning money here is as easy as 123! What I love about being a Sophie Paris member is the generosity. I've received plenty of freebies since my first month. I've got premium bags, watch, wallets, etc. that I got also to sell and earned from it. The whooping 30% discount of every Sophie Paris items is the best and I also receive rebates and bonuses. Clearly, Sophie Paris income helps me to achieve my target amount for my emergency fund and I got also for my fun fund! I am so happy being with Sophie Paris that I dream myself having my own business center someday ;)

One of my sold items from Sophie Paris

Sophie Paris orders!

Currently on sale preloved Sophie Martin bag

Some of the freebies I've received

My Sophie Martin wallet

If you want to become a Sophie Paris member, let me know, just comment below!

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